Ursa community meetings in March

RSPN logoFrom Fiona Lloyd of RSPN Alliance:

“You’ve probably noticed the 2 flare stacks on the Diemoz pad and the flare plume on the Pretti Pad. An email to Ursa was unanswered so we don’t know what they’re doing or for how long. However, see the invitation below. See y’all there!”

Don Simpson, with Ursa Operating Company LLC, sent out the following invitation:

Members of the Garfield County Community are invited to a Meet and Greet hosted by Ursa Operating Company LLC (purchaser of certain Garfield County assets of Antero Resources)

Tuesday, March 5th
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Grand Valley Fire Protection District Station #1 (Battlement Mesa Firehouse)
124 Stone Quarry Rd.
Parachute, CO.

In addition, Ursa will host a second Meet and Greet:

Wednesday, March 6th
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm 
Holiday Inn Express (Silt)
1535 River Frontage Rd.
Silt, CO.

This is an opportunity for the Community to meet and ask questions of some members of Ursa’s Team and for Ursa’s Team to meet the community and share its current plans of development with the Community.

Don Simpson, CPL
Vice President – Business Development
Ursa Operating Company LLC
1050 17th St., Suite 2400
Denver, CO 80265

Direct: (720) 508-8369
Fax: (720) 508-8368
Cell: (281) 467-3117

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8 Comments on “Ursa community meetings in March”

  1. Don Simpson Says:

    Thank you Fiona. You already have my email and my phone number, however did not receive the email you said you sent. I invite you to call anytime on any issue and we look forward to visiting with the community in early March.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Don, this is Peggy. Is Ursa responsible for the well flaring at the Diemoz pad and Pretti pad on Silt Mesa?

  3. Don Simpson Says:

    Yes, the flaring is periodically required by the Colorado Oil & Gas Commission to ensure well integrity and safety, which we will continue to do for the community and as a responsible Operator. As always, if there is a problem with any of our operations, we invite anyone to contact us directly. We strive to be a responsible Operator, a further example of this is the sound mitigation we are adding to our upcoming operations on a well in Silt Mesa. Regards, Don

  4. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Until now we didn’t know who was responsible for the flaring. We thought it was possible Antero was doing a final workover on those wells. However Antero had been using low nox burners instead of flaring in populated areas. So I didn’t think it was Antero. With the lack of pipelines on Silt Mesa I understand the reasons why flaring is necessary. I also know that the type of flaring Ursa is doing emits an enormous amount of methane into the atmosphere as shown in the undoctored photos taken Friday (1/15) morning.

    We are famous — or infamous — for our air inversions. Those emissions go up on the mesa but they settle in the Colorado River Valley. I invite you to come to Silt and breathe the air during and in the hours after a long flaring session. Yesterday when I took my dog for a walk mid-morning the flare at the Pretti pad had burned all night into late morning. My eyes, ears, nose and throat burned. I coughed and sneezed. I felt nauseous and dizzy. I stayed indoors the rest of the day.

    I don’t want to wait until the first week of March for answers to my questions. I think we have a right to know the answers now.

    1. How long will the flaring continue? Weeks? Months? Can you provide a schedule so those of us who have asthma and other health issues, and care for small children can remain indoors — or get out of town?

    2. What about low nox burners? Can you make an effort to reduce emissions?

  5. Don Simpson Says:

    Be happy to answer any questions. We do use Low Nox Burners, as Antero did. The flaring is for only a short time as required by the Colorado Oil & Gas Commission. I was in the area this past week during the flaring, I stayed in Silt and did not have a problem with anything. I love the area and am coming back the week of the 25th. Would be happy to meet with you on a location or at a place of your choosing to discuss your concerns.

  6. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    But you are not using low nox burners on Silt Mesa. Why?

    With all due respect, just because you didn’t have a problem while visiting Silt doesn’t dismiss the fact that many of us do have adverse reactions to well flaring. You don’t live here. Health problems arise from prolonged exposure to the emissions. Therefore the more time a person spends in Silt during the well flaring, the more likely that person will be affected by the emissions.

    I will get back to you on meeting the week of February 25th. I have your contact information.

  7. Fiona Lloyd Says:

    This is Fiona Lloyd here: dsimpson@ursaresources.com is the email I have. I sent you an email on 13th February asking you if you’d like to keep the community informed about what’s going on in their ‘hood.

    Communication is a two way street, Don. I know you have my email and a courtesy note would have been much appreciated by the community. Instead you’ve got a bunch of uninformed citizens wondering what the heck is going on and what they’ll be blindsided with next……

  8. Don Simpson Says:

    Fiona, truly, I have checked my email and there was no email from you on the 13th. I know it did not go to my junk mail folder, as we have corresponded by email in the past and you are on the safe list. I just now have sent you an email, so that you may reply to it in the future. It may not seem like it, but the recent flaring is a part of normal safe operations. So that you know, shortly, we will be completing the recent well that Antero drilled, the Valley Farms 1H well. We have installed extra sound mitigation barriers and have contacted home in the immediate area. We will continue to operate in a safe and respectful manner. We have also been reaching out to the community, so we hope to see you at one of these events soon. Sincerely, Don Simpson

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