We don’t call him Frackinlooper for nothing

February 13, 2013

Colorado, oil and gas drilling

hickenlooper-drinksDid you hear about this? Sometimes when you think things can’t get any weirder in Gasland, Frackinlooper—I mean Gov. Hickenlooper told a Senate Committee this week he drank fracking fluid in a bizarre ritual:  I drank fracking fluid, says Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper

polluted drinking waterWell that explains a lot. Now we know he’s got fracking fluid on the brain. However Salon’s Dave Sirota has a whole nother take on our governor’s loopiness: Drinking the fracking Kool-aid

If Frackinlooper runs for president in 2016, I’ll drink the fricking fracking fluid.

In the meantime grab a straw Governor, here’s another fracking mess you’ve gotten us into. Suck it up –

Fort Collins-area fracking fluid leak stopped after spewing for 30 hours
The company drilling at the site north of Windsor has been involved in 32 spills in Colorado during the past year

Want to send a message to Governor Hickenlooper? Conservation Colorado makes it easy with their latest take action initiative to protest the 500 ft setback rule passed by the COGCC this week.

Neighborhood Drilling Gets the Green Light – 500 feet and closing
Gov. Hickenlooper’s oil and gas commission just gave a green light to drilling and fracking near Colorado communities. The commission’s weak rule separating drilling sites from homes leaves our neighborhoods vulnerable to the coming wave of oil and gas development. Tell Gov. Hickenlooper you value communities over Big Oil and Gas profits.

BTW, you can watch the full Senate Committee hearing here:  Opportunities and Challenges for Natural Gas


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