COGCC extends SGI comment period

SG Interests files two applications to drill in Thompson Divide
Local jurisdictions have 20 days to respond to the COGCC

Today the COGCC announced the comment period for two SG Interests permit applications will be extended to February 24, 2013, as requested by Pitkin County Commissioners in a letter to the COGCC. One of the wells will be located in Pitkin County and one will be in Garfield County.

There’s no word on the other requests by Pitkin County Commissioners. The letter also asked the state:

  • To consult with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on all SGI applications in Thompson Divide.
  • To consult with Colorado Parks and Wildlife regarding cutthroat trout, big game, and other wildlife habitat.
  • To hold off on final action on the permit application until after the snow melts and site conditions can be examined.

One thing appears to be certain. The access route to the well pad will be through Glenwood Springs and Four Mile. In October during the re-election campaigns of Commissioners John Martin and Mike Samson, the BOCC had voiced their adamant opposition to a haul route through Glenwood Springs and Four Mile. Now that the election is over and Martin and Samson have retained their positions, the controversy over the haul route has magically disappeared — as have other commitments made by the BOCC during the campaign.

Thompson divide access route

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One Comment on “COGCC extends SGI comment period”

  1. Geek Girl Says:

    how are they going to navigate the teeny tiny roundabout just after the sunlight bridge?? Ahhhh foresight…they don’t have it.

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