No oil and gas permit fees in Colorado

January 28, 2013

Colorado, oil and gas drilling

free-ticketsBruce Baizel, Energy Program Director for Earthworks Oil & Gas Accountability Project reports:  “The question came up in New Mexico as to what different states charge for drilling application permit fees. We did not believe the COGCC website when it said the permit fee in Colorado is $0, so we called to confirm. It is $0.”

Thanks to Annie Chaivre who put together this  chart of permit fees by state — Oil & Gas Permit Fees

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4 Comments on “No oil and gas permit fees in Colorado”

  1. Kim Doyle Wille Says:

    Un-freaking-believable! All the damage and controversy and they aren’t even paying a basic fee, when our economy needs all revenue possible.? I’m on it Peggy. Making calls and posting in social media today. Thanks for fighting the good fight and keeping us informed!

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Not only that but the COGCC only has 15 inspectors for the entire state

    And we have a huge problem with enforcement of oil & gas regulations already in place

  3. Robert Winkler Says:

    On top of that Weld and Garfield Counties in Colorado have the lowest mineral extraction taxes in Colorado. So why wouldn’t the industry set up shop in those 2 counties?

  4. Robert Winkler Says:

    Peggy, to bad the COGCC can’t update their website to match statements made by Matt Lepore at the 1-2013 rule making meeting. “We have 17 full time inspectors with a new one supporting Garfield county. Foe a total of 18.” Not bad for 19,799 active wells with 1899 newly permitted in Weld countyts.We have 1 inspector here. If he starts today maybe in 10-15 years he’ll be able to get them all..

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