Fracking Ground Zero Tour

gasfield tour 11

Also known as the “Bring Your Own Gas Mask” tour, these videos are from Tommy Thompson’s “Life in the Gasfields” tour of Porcupine Creek near Rifle, Colorado on December 13, 2012. Watch and see what life is like in an energy sacrifice zone. Brought to you by Dave Gardner of Growthbusters.*

Filmmaker Dave Gardner commented exclusively to From the Styx on why he produced these videos:  “Until recently I was blissfully unaware of the risks and hazards associated with drilling and fracking. When it came knocking on our door in Colorado Springs, I decided I’d better pay attention. Visiting the energy sacrifice zone in Garfield County made me feel ashamed — ashamed we’ve been putting people through this as we mindlessly fill our gas tanks, watch our big-screen TVs and run our furnaces, all the while demanding more, more, more.”

Fracking Ground Zero Tour features —
Tommy  Thompson, Porcupine Creek landowner
John Martin, Garfield County Commissioner
Lisa Bracken, West Divide Creek landowner
Wes Wilson, retired EPA Geological engineer
Rick Roles, Mamm Creek landowner
Phil Doe, retired Bureau of Reclamation Water Law Administrator

Part 1 runs about 26 minutes and Part 2 runs almost 18 minutes for a total of 44 minutes. Grab a cup or coffee or tea – or a good stiff drink and watch some reality TV. It ain’t pretty but it’s all true.


BTW, if you’re wondering why we don’t get the hell out of here as fast as we can — Drilling and fracking have destroyed value of our most significant investment — our homes

dave gardner*About Dave Gardner, filmmaker

After a successful career producing a PBS series and award-winning business films for such clients as American Airlines, Coca-Cola, IBM, and even Enron, Dave Gardner realized he was part of an unsustainable system failing to provide most people with happiness and fulfillment. So he decided to focus his filmmaking skills on exploration of that system. His non-profit documentary project, Hooked on Growth, is the first of what Dave expects to be a series of groundbreaking films about genuine sustainability. Want to learn more about Dave? Check out his full bio.

Growthbusters is helping the world recover from growth addiction. Producers of the documentary, Hooked on Growth, and many informative and entertaining videos about growth addiction.

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Gasfield Tour — Photo Gallery

Adventures in Gasland


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