Industry files motions to strike witness statements

*If you would like to listen to live audio of the COGCC Rulemaking hearings click here, then click on live audio under public announcements.*

The news was breaking all over the place last night. We have a ton of reading to do. So let’s get to it. Take your pick from the articles below.

Or you can get right to it and read what has the industry so freaked out:  WCC Combined Witness Testimony

Fossil fuel industry seeks to block citizen comments at formal hearing on new oil and gas drilling rules

Conservation groups: gas industry ‘bullying’ citizens to silence them
Hickenlooper asked to intervene for those planning to testify at COGCC hearings

Oil and gas lawyers want residents banned from talking at rule hearing

This just in from Wes Wilson, former EPA employee and fracking whistleblower:

“This is tactical mistake by the Industry — it will have the affect of galvanizing even more active citizens, whether or not the COGCC denies COGA legal claims. Since COGCC hearings are not subject to expert testimony or witness cross examinations procedures of a court, it would appear the Governor and COGCC will deny this punitive and despicable industry claim. It could be a boon to further recruitment and aid in demanding a moratorium until further health studies are completed or why communities like Longmont should have the right to ban. This tactic by COGA can be used to show their utter contempt for the very citizens the industry harms. Spread the word …”
Wes Wilson, Be the Change – USA

I agree with Wilson. When you read the WCC Combined Witness Testimony you’ll see what I mean. Absolutely damning. You must read these statements.

Western Resource Advocates Mike Chiropolos summed it up this way: “They’re worried that, if the truth comes out, the commission will vote for rules that actually protect public health.”

This is a gift. They have all but guaranteed the truth will most certainly come out. The testimony from 12 of our friends and neighbors might not have received any publicity at all. Now it’s in all the papers – even the PI covered it and they hardly ever cover the news anymore.

Read these statements from your friends and neighbors including Dee Hoffmeister of Silt, Dave Devanney of Battlement Mesa, Thomas Thompson of Porcupine Creek, former Garfield County and COGCC Commissioner Trési Houpt of Glenwood Springs, former Garfield County oil and gas liaison Judy Jordan of New Castle.

WCC Combined Witness Testimony

Motion to strike witness statements

Motion to strike statements by conservation groups

We have Matt Sura (WCC attorney) to thank for these witness statements. He’s the brains and driving force behind this unprecedented witness documentation. I like his statement: “It is the height of irony that the oil and gas industry is calling citizens who have had their lives turned upside down by drilling as somehow ‘harassing and abusive’ merely because they want to tell the commission what has happened to them.”

The groundswell is already happening. Spread the word. Let’s get these witness statements out into the public where they belong. Thank you.

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  1. Sonja Linman Says:

    Thank you for your tireless commitment. Our community is deeply grateful to you all.

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