BOCC protest common sense

December 5, 2012

Garfield County, oil shale

Garfield County to protest BLM oil shale decision
Leasing plan based on old science, letter states

Garfield protests BLM shale plan

Thank you Lisa Bracken and Anita Sherman for standing up for common sense, and to everyone else who did. How rude that the BOCC couldn’t even be bothered to vote on such an important issue without the full board present (Samson was absent). But then we already knew all about the evil plan they hatched in Vernal, Utah, in March.

So the BLM oil shale plan is based on “old science.” Let’s talk “new science.” Commissioners Martin, Jankovsky, and Samson, meet Bob Berwyn at Summit County Citizens Voice. He’s a weather geek. Everything you ever wanted to know about Colorado weather is right here. I can’t remember the last time he was wrong. In case you hadn’t noticed:  Colorado water year off to one of the worst starts on record. Kind of interesting how that news came out the same day the commissioners voted to protest the BLM’s oil shale plan.

That’s right. We’re in the middle of a drought. Compare and contrast. Here was the drought in August this year:

August drought
Click here to see the drought as of November 27, 2012.

You would think our county commissioners would do everything they can to protect our precious water supply. Or perhaps in this season of giving, they have sold their souls to the devil …

Four Dollars For a Gallon of Water? The Dream of Monsanto and Other Corporations Wanting To Privatize Water

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2 Comments on “BOCC protest common sense”

  1. Carl Mc Williams Says:

    Ms. Bracken, Ms. Sherman and Ms. Tibbetts are on-point regarding oil-shale and water usage. But there is a fundamental economic flaw in the oil shale as jobs creator theory that needs to become a front burner topic in the debate:

    EROEI (Energy Returned on Energy Energy Invested). The amount of energy required to extract, transport and refine oil from shale renders profitable oil shale development an economic fantasy.

    If you are truly interested in this EROEI reality, I suggest two specific intellectual works: (1) ENERGY AND THE WEALTH OF NATIONS , (Charles Hall, 2010) and (2) THE THIRD WAVE, Alvin Toffler, (1980).


  1. ‘Visions of Oil Shale Drums Danced in Their Heads’ - - January 27, 2013

    […] the GarCo commission nonetheless recently decided to throw more taxpayer money after bad and file a protest on the Obama administration’s pending oil shale […]

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