Gold Ring Pawn — take down the signs!

November 29, 2012

Garfield County

December 6 — noticed the anti-Obama banner is gone
November 30 — Romney sign and Baumgardner sign taken down (see comments below)

pawn shop sign 1

I’m talking to you Doug Wight. Take down these campaign signs. Yes, I know Gold Ring Pawn is in Garfield County — not Silt city limits — therefore Silt ordinances do not apply in this case. However Garfield County Signs Code does.

Article XI Signs:
2. Temporary Political Campaign Signs. Signs announcing candidates seeking public office, with pertinent data, and signs relating to ballot issues, with pertinent data, subject to the following limitations:
a. Political campaign signs in any residential district shall not exceed five (5) square feet per sign face or ten (10) square feet total area of signage.
b. Political campaign signs in commercial zone districts shall not exceed a maximum sign area of thirty-two (32) square feet for each sign face.
c. Political campaign signs shall be setback a minimum of eight (8) feet from the nearest pavement edge.
d. Political campaign signs shall be removed no later than seven (7) days after the election for which they are intended.

The election is over. Take down the signs.

Now let’s talk about this banner –

I’m all for free speech. And I love signs. So does my grandson.

This one turned into a teachable moment for me and almost-4-year-old Bodi.  “Nana, what is ‘kiss our ass’?” He doesn’t miss a thing.

“Um … hmmm. Welp – good for you. Your reading skills are getting betterer and betterer.”

If I could, I’d put signs all over my yard. Bodi would love it. But we all have to abide by the rules. However enforcement is often selective and arbitrary in Silt and Garfield County — the Wild West. Around here we have to resort to protests and acts of civil disobedience to make sure the rules apply to everyone — equally.

Luckily the rules are actually written down somewhere. According to GarCo Signs Code all signs require a Sign Permit. I’ll go out on a limb here and bet Doug Wight doesn’t have a permit for his banner. It probably involves a sign permit fee. And as the whole world now knows he don’t need no stinkin government, like the one that built the paved highway in front of his business.

Anyhoo he needs to produce a Sign Permit or take down the banner. Maybe he should get his own blog – it’s free!

I’m on a roll, people. This is more fun than Angry Birds. Clearing out the gaspatch one sign at a time. If only I could use a sling shot. But then I’m easily amused — I hang with a toddler. Want to play? Send me photos of any other illegal campaign signs:

OBTW readers, remember the “blue ozone” Dr. Theo Colborn talked about? Look at the sign photos above again. There it is in the background. Fracking smog … or as Bodi says, “Blechh!”

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2 Comments on “Gold Ring Pawn — take down the signs!”

  1. Douglas Wight Says:

    I guess we should all be grateful that we have a Liberal Busy body to moniter our lives or the world would end in chaos,,,Don’t Tread On Me,,,Most Red Blooded Americans aka Conservatives support the “Obama Kiss My Ass” Free Speach banner, It is interesting when Liberals support Free Speech BUT only when they agree with it,,,

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Hi Doug,

    I think we sort of met yesterday when I took the photos. Thanks for taking down the campaign signs.

    Actually – I prefer liberal nincompoop – but for the sake of free speech you can call me whatever names you want on my blog. After all, I did call you a – oh wait – I didn’t call you any names.

    What happened here is my free speech rights collided with your free speech rights. It is interesting when red-blooded American conservatives support free speech but only when they agree with it … but I guess you made that point already.

    Would I post a photo of a banner spouting a bunch of liberal claptrap? You see that’s the thing, no such creature exists in Garfield County. But let’s say I put up a banner on my fence that says:
    Stop Deporting Immigrants
    Support the Dream Act

    Someone would probably tear down the sign before the cop could get here to make me take it down while he wrote up a citation.

    So anyway, I get to have a little fun and you get a little free advertising.

    God bless America!

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