Hey! Take down the damn signs!

November 28, 2012


**  UPDATE **
Downtown Silt – November 29, 2012
The signs are gone — power to the people!

Usually I don’t sweat the small stuff – like when a gas worker in his 3/4-ton pickup nudges me off the road with my 3-year old grandson in the backseat because I have a 2012 Obama magnet on the back of my 20th century Jeep. I can’t let those little aggravations of daily life in the gaspatch bother me or I’d go crazy.

But I’m sick to death of looking at these fracking signs every day on the old Silt Café at the corner of Main and 9th Street. I don’t know who owns the building or who put up the signs but they are in violation of the Silt Signs Ordinance (SMC – Chapter 17.60)

SMC 17.60.030 – Definitions
Political sign means a sign used in connection with a local, state, or national political issue, election or referendum

SMC 17.60.080
Political signs must be removed 7 days after the election. The penalty for non-compliance is $50/day per violation.

By my arithmetic, as of today the owner of the building owes the Town of Silt $1,500 and counting …

I want the signs taken down. I want citations issued.

Or … we could put these signs in our front yards — only $20 at Café Press

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One Comment on “Hey! Take down the damn signs!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Clap Clap, Peggy!!!

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