December 13: Public meeting in the gaspatch

Thomas and George (yes that’s her name) Thompson at their home in rural Rifle

Life in the Gasfields
Thursday, December 13, 2012
1:00 p.m.

Meet local landowner, Thomas Thompson. He attended the COGCC rulemaking hearing in Denver on November 14.

State panel puts tougher drilling rules on table

Commenting on the hearing, Thompson says, “I was disappointed but not surprised by our [citizen-activists] reception by the COGCC board. They showed the usual lack of interest or even veiled hostility I have come to expect from any level of the government. They were not happy to hear from any of us who had negative reports about their close friends in the gas companies. However, I did get an overwhelming response from concerned citizens and the media. I invited any or all of the COGCC commissioners to visit my place to experience what it is really like to live among the gas wells. None accepted.”

As a result, Thomas and George Thompson will be hosting a public meeting at their home in rural Rifle. Mark your calendars! Please attend!

Life in the Gasfields
Thursday, December 13, 2012
1:00 p.m.
At the home of Thomas and George Thompson
1665 Porcupine Creek Road (CR 325 SW of Rifle)
Rifle, CO

This is a public meeting about what it’s really like to live in the gasfields and an opportunity for our friends and activists from all over the state to gather and share contacts and information about oil & gas development.

Driving directions:
Porcupine Creek Road is about halfway between Rifle and Rulison off County Road 320. From the east, exit at Rifle then turn left (south) and go under the I-70 bridge. Off the second roundabout, make the first right which is South 7th Street which becomes CR 320 (Rifle/Rulison Road). Stay on 320 for 6-7 miles until you reach Porcupine Creek Road which comes in from the left (south). Turn left on Porcupine Creek Road and go 1.6 miles to 1665, on the right – log house with green metal roof.

From the west, exit Rulison and turn right then cross the river. Take the second left, which is labeled 309 at that point but becomes CR 320 (Rifle/Rulison Road). Go about 7 miles to Porcupine Creek Road. Turn right and go 1.6 miles to 1665.

Read more about the Thompsons’ ongoing dispute with Encana –

Background info:  Encana, landowner in battle over flood damage
Latest update:  State steps into well-road dispute between Encana, Rifle-area man

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