GarCo remains industry’s bitch

What a strange night last night. I wept through Obama’s acceptance speech. Certainly not because I voted for Romney. I wept for Garfield County. My home.

The County Clerk’s office has not yet released the final election results because of a corrupted drive. Seeing the word “corrupted” on the front page of GarCo website this morning pretty much says it all.

Final results will be posted at GarCo’s website at some point in the not too distant future … we hope.

Early results strongly indicate the county stays solidly Republican. Not one Democrat won last night – not even President Obama.

I congratulate Sonja Linman and Aleks Briedis on a hard-fought campaign. Their courage and dedication to the people is inspiring. They worked hard for us. I know their efforts on our behalf won’t end here. They have far too much integrity, enthusiasm, and energy. I’m proud to call Sonja and Aleks my friends.

A word about Question 1A – trails funding. Defeated. As active volunteer members of LoVa trails and West Elk Multi-use trails, Tod and I know this means the future of trails in the county is uncertain.

However the future of Gasfield County is certain. County government is firmly in the grasp of the oil & gas industry. Public health and welfare and the environment are in peril. We have a saying in here in Silt — Same Silt different day.

Our work continues …

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3 Comments on “GarCo remains industry’s bitch”

  1. Barb Coddington Says:

    Peggy, I , of course agree with all you say.
    I must let you know I was at the courthouse counting ballots and the computer ‘corruption’ was a power faliure that occured earlier in the week. It occured as the machine that counted ballots was transfering them to a tabulatioin zip drive like piece. The amount of ballots missing on the drive is under 300 and we will DEFINATELY be able to find and recount, and give a totally accurate count. All involved take the election and WVERY ballot very seriously and I promise you are constantly looking for anything the least bit suspicious. Barb Coddington

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Barb, thank you for your service as a ballot counter. I know how hard you work. I was an election judge for several years in MN. But I wasn’t implying corruption in the voting process. I do believe our political process and our county government are corrupted by the oil & gas industry.

  3. Anita Sherman Says:

    I say it’s time for a little industry “bitch” slapping from the 47%. We made a valiant effort to change our representation. But, the cordon of corruption runs deep. A system built, not on respect, but how many hands are stealing from the public coffers to support the pirates that pillage for profit, and covering asses. The fight didn’t end on election day. If Jefferson County can turn blue, than so can we. We can do it one freaking slap at a time! Paybacks are a bitch, and so am I.

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