John Martin throws Silt under the trucks

In an 11th hour election ploy, John Martin pulls an old political trick out of his cowboy hat.

The TDC confirms Martin’s opposition to Four Mile access
SG Interests has no recollection of warning

Martin is sucking up to Thompson Divide Coalition for two reasons.

#1 —  Grab as many last minute votes from up valley as he possibly can in one of the most hotly contested commissioner races in GarCo history. The week before an election he’s telling TDC whatever they want to hear. If you read the article carefully, you will see that Martin has also been telling SGI and other industry operators via the Western Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association whatever they want to hear.

#2 — Divide and conquer — an old political trick. If I was dumb enough to fall for this I’d be pissed off at TDC for their short-sighted NIMBY-ness. But I’m not so easily fooled. Martin is playing dinosaur politics in this little-brother information age. (Remember, he doesn’t even read his emails.) Evidently while Martin was busy cozying up to oil & gas he wasn’t paying attention to our mobilization effort on the ground. We all stand in solidarity in our opposition to drilling in Thompson Divide. My deep throat source (who was present at a secret oil & gas industry-sponsored pow-wow up in Aspen in August) said politicians and players in the industry are scrambling to figure out how to deal with us. They’re losing their PR war – which means someone must be winning.

So let me put John Martin and the industry on notice. We are far too organized and well-connected to be baited into petty squabbling over road access. Rather, this dispute over access to Thompson Divide is a perfect example of John Martin showing you who he really is.

There’s no reason to doubt TDC’s Zane Kessler and Dorothea Farris when they said Martin told them he didn’t support using Four Mile Road for drilling access. Kessler and Farris have nothing to gain by lying. They aren’t running for office.

According to John Martin, he “has for several years been opposed to using Four Mile Road as a haul route for natural gas drilling traffic headed up to Thompson Divide … Unfortunately, he said, ‘It’s all been verbal,’ expressed during meetings or conversations with different interest groups concerned with gas drilling in the area.”

Looks like Martin is in agreement with TDC. Enter SGI’s Robbie Guinn and WSCOGA’s David Ludlam. They say he never told them he was opposed to Four Mile Road access. Yet it would be hard to imagine they never talked about roads and truck traffic at all, in the history of ever.

And where is Silt in all this?

According to Mayor Dave, on Wednesday (10/31) at his request:  “Honorable John Martin called me and set up a meeting. We met and he assured me that Silt would be appraised on any and all issues that should arise from gas development on the Thompson Divide, that might impact Silt.” Martin told Mayor Dave exactly what wanted to hear because the Mayor added:  “Just yesterday [10/31] the Town of Silt was promised $319,000 plus $25,000 from the energy related industries (FMLD). Silt is thriving because of the added revenues derived from said industries.”

That means Silt is a financial hostage of the BOCC and the oil & gas industry.

Yet we still have no clue what Martin’s position will be on access to Thompson Divide after the election. You see, Martin isn’t actually lying to the TDC, or industry, or Mayor Dave. He tells people whatever they want to hear. He’s covering all his bases.

But we won’t get fooled again …

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2 Comments on “John Martin throws Silt under the trucks”

  1. Zane Says:

    It’s not about which way the trucks drive to access the Divide… It’s about protecting the area for our ranchers, hunters, hikers and bikers!!!

  2. Anita Sherman Says:

    So, Mayor Dave Moore is officially confirming that Mike Samson is using Federal Mining and Leasing District funds to boost the county’s operations budget?

    That certainly answers the question how Samson, Martin, and Jankovsky are going to increase revenues for operations from $118 million 2012 budget – already $25,000 +/- over budget from revenues received – to $153 million based on the same revenues from 2012. Industry Santa’s to the rescue!

    Imagine future campaign sales pitch flyers from the industry: “If you believe (and dumb enough to stick around), you’ll get plenty of FMLD money for your cash strapped, over drilled, destroyed municipality under the smog veil of industry emissions and fracking fluids. Anglers, don’t bother with your poles, you can actually scoop out the dead fish – some with two heads – in our gold mined rivers frack filled waters! We welcome tourists, hunters, and new businesses to our black hole. Really we do. So, Vote or don’t. We don’t really care. Suck it up or move.”

    Garfield is officially in the running for the most corrupt county in the State, surpassing Jefferson County’s coveted title. Oh wait, didn’t we just hire Jefferson County’s former county attorney, Frank Hutfless. He’s the dude who was a defendant in Zinna v JeffCo for hiring a private investigator to spy on staffers and citizens the BOCCs didn’t like.

    Google it, but be heavily medicated before you do. It numbs the pain.

    What a crew! Three industry supported elected lobbyists, a failed lawyer from JeffCo with a gold mining background (read up on the Mining Law 1872), who plays poker in Las Vegas, and Drew Gorgey, a lawyer so bad Colorado Springs had him working only 1 day with hopes he’d just leave. The industry has certainly giving us a winning hand, and I think we’ll actually win the coveted title of most corrupt county. Let’s vote Samson and Martin out, and remove the county from the running.

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