DOJ investigating SGI and Gunnison Energy

SG Interests and Gunnison Energy are both leaseholders in the Thompson Divide area.

Do not miss this is an amazing look into the blood feuds and down and dirty dealings over pipeline control in the Ragged Mountain area — and ultimately Thompson Divide — starring SG Interests, Gunnison Energy – and Bill Koch?

Justice Dept. investigating power play on local gas pipelines

The two principal architects of natural gas development in a rugged belt of disputed public lands near McClure Pass are under investigation by federal antitrust authorities again.

Allegations of price gouging along pipelines co-owned by the two gas companies, Gunnison Energy and SG Interests, center the new inquiry, according to multiple sources in the industry. The pipelines tie together existing gas fields south of McClure Pass with emergent ones closer to Carbondale in the controversial Thompson Divide area farther north.

The inquiry is separate from a joint bidding, or collusion, case of local origin that Gunnison Energy and SG Interests — owned by billionaires and local ranch owners Bill Koch and Russell Gordy, respectively — agreed to settle with the U.S. Justice Department Antitrust Division in February, an investigation by Aspen Journalism has learned.

Pressed about the pipeline matter in an interview, Robbie Guinn, vice president of SG Interests, said, “Yes, OK, there is a Department of Justice inquiry, but I’m not going to comment on anything to do with an ongoing DOJ inquiry.”  Read more …

Yes, that’s Bill Koch, the youngest of the four Koch brothers and twin to David Koch. He owns Oxbox Energy which owns Gunnison Energy. Mr. Koch is busy building a 420-acre private village on his 6,400-acre Bear Ranch at the base of the Ragged Mountains Wilderness in Gunnison County.

Bill Koch wants to lock you out of this …

To ensure his privacy Koch is attempting to get Congress to trade three square miles of public land. Koch’s land grab will not just take three square miles of high-elevation riparian and open land, but it will close public access into 40 square miles of the Ragged Mountain Basin, and give him control of his own elk herd.

Here’s more than you ever wanted to know about Bill Koch:  Koch brother invests in the ‘Republic of Property’

So, Koch’s company, Gunnison Energy teamed up with arch-enemy SG Interests to squeeze out independent operators and take over pipeline access in the Ragged Mountain gas field, and ultimately Thompson Divide.

Koch-Funded ALEC Behind State Attempts To ‘Reclaim’ Your Public Lands

And what is SG Interests up to? They formed a super PAC.

Driller starts super PAC to support Tipton
Houston company holds leases on public land in Thompson Divide

“The Colorado Future Fund lists its address at Zakhem Law in Denver. The firm’s president, John Zakhem, is also the lawyer for Tipton’s re-election campaign.”

John Zakhem – where have we heard of him before? Oh, that’s right he formed Northwest Colorado Alliance (NCA), the super PAC supporting the re-election of John Martin and Mike Samson — AGNC + NCA = Super PAC

Colorado Super PAC moves into Scott Tipton’s race

Bill Koch – ALEC — Ragged Mountain — Gunnison Energy – SG Interests — John Zakhem – NCA – Scott Tipton — Colorado Future Fund — Thompson Divide – John Martin – Mike Samson.

Connect the dots …

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