Silt on sale?

Tanker truck carrying 110 barrels of produced water rolled over on Buzzard Creek Road near Collbran on January 30, 2012.

I wasn’t able to make the BOCC Special Meeting on Monday (10/29). I tried the livestreaming a couple times on two different computers but it wasn’t working. Anyway my sources who were there tell me the article in today’s PI is misleading:

BOCC opposes Four Mile Road haul route
Commissioners speak against SG Interests’ access plans for drilling in Thompson Divide

While the words “opposes” and “against” are used liberally, the only thing Commissioners John Martin, Mike Samson and Tom Jankovsky “oppose” or are “against” is truck traffic through Glenwood Springs and Four Mile Road to access SG’s proposed drilling sites. The Commissioners are not opposed to or against drilling in Thompson Divide.

From what the article says, they are adamantly opposed to routing truck traffic through Glenwood and Four Mile.

“… That’s never been our plan, to have traffic like that up Four Mile Road,” Samson said.

Specifically mentioning Guinn’s statement about the haul route, Samson said, “I don’t think he did his homework.”

Commissioner John Martin stated that the county “informed SG Interests even before the application was filed that Four Mile was not a haul route.”

County manager Andrew Gorgey suggested the BOCC direct staff to contact the city of Glenwood Springs and start exploring options for dealing with the issue.

So that was it? They didn’t talk about other options? According to my sources there was indeed a discussion about alternate routes through New Castle (Garfield Creek) and Silt (Divide Creek). But let’s face it. They aren’t serious about using CR 312 south of New Castle because it goes through Garfield Creek State Wildlife Refuge and they would have to deal with the Division of Wildlife and impacts and approvals and public comments. No, they’ve got their sites set on Silt.

Routing truck traffic through Silt and Divide Creek was also discussed at a meeting in Glenwood Springs on July 25:

Traffic impacts from proposed drilling a concern

Under the current land use code Garfield County is allowed to take control of road expansion in unincorporated county lands, without any input from the municipalities impacted. This code is an example of a land use decision made by Martin, Samson, and Jankovsky that does not comply with the current comp plan, which includes municipalities in any discussions of unincorporated lands.

So, if the Commissioners were always opposed to truck traffic on Four Mile, they must have always had an alternate route in mind. Based on recent history with these guys – their purchase of property for more than twice the appraised value, their secret meeting in Vernal – if nothing else, they have displayed a clear pattern of obfuscation. Perhaps this is another one of their back room done-deals they don’t want the public to know about – especially right before the election. I think it’s pretty clear they intended all along to re-route truck traffic through Silt. And if everything goes according to plan the truck traffic will happen and no one will be able to do anything to stop it.

No wonder they don’t want to put an air quality monitoring station in Silt. They know the air is about to get much worse.

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