BOCC Special Meeting October 29

October 26, 2012

Garfield County

Monday, October 29, 2012, 8:00 a.m.
Administration Building
108 8th Street
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


  • Intergovernmental agreement with Colorado State University to provide partial funding of a study to characterize air emissions from natural gas drilling and well completion operations – Paul Reaser, Andrew Gorgey
  • Authorize chair to sign letter to COGCC requesting Party Status during the Setbacks and Water Sampling rulemakings – Kirby Wynn
  • Authorize chair to sign letter to BLM requesting 90 day extension of the comment period for the BLM – WRFO Draft Resource Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement (RMPA/EIS) for Oil and Gas Development –Kirby Wynn

The current Board of County Commissioners have revised land use codes to provide a clear path to development without the strength of compliance language in the comprehensive plan, and relaxed land use codes that have reduced unincorporated Garfield County into “right to use without public review” zones under centralized BOCC permit approvals, paving the way for more and more drilling zones like this:

This map of the upper Four Mile area shows Four Mile Road, in dark red, with Sunlight Mountain Resort at the center. SG interests of Houston has applied for a permit to drill a natural gas well in the Beaver Creek drainage above Four Mile Park. – U.S. Geological Survey map

SG Interests applies to drill near Sunlight
Rig access to Thompson Divide will be on Midland Ave., Four Mile Road

Garfield County Commissioners John Martin, Mike Samson, and Tom Jankovsky are working hard to make sure they serve the oil and gas industry.

  • Demand that compliance language be immediately reinstated by a vote from the BOCC with full land use code reviews to be measured under a state mandated comp plan.
  • Demand that public review be reinstated for pending permit approvals in unincorporated Garfield County, immediately.
  • Demand that the BOCCs put a moratorium on ALL permit approvals, including pending approvals, for 90 days; allowing for the new BOCCs to review permits for compliance under a state mandated comprehensive plan.

Above all, VOTE for Aleks Briedis and Sonja Linman!
Vote bottom ticket up this election cycle, and don’t leave any selections blank. The President doesn’t write local land use codes. Fill out your ballots, or go to your early voting location and get it done.

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One Comment on “BOCC Special Meeting October 29”

  1. Anita Sherman (@MomMakingChange) Says:

    Tom Jankovsky received $24,000 in campaign contributions from Lester H. Smith and Robert Gordy – the “S” and “G” – of SG Interests to defeat Tresi Houpt. Also, TJ received contributions from those individuals directly connected to the development of oil and gas interests. After his election the BOCC unanimously decided to remove the compliance language in the comprehensive plan. This action returned unincorporated Garfield County into “right to use without public review” zone with no impact assessment requirement from.

    Further, the permit process is centralized under BOCCs. The comp plan is now an advisory document that is collecting dust on a shelf. In 2/2012 the BOCC created a land use advisory board, hand picked partisans, special interest developers, and Mesa county residents connected to industry interests. Republicans never lose their races, just their turn! The BOCCs under the advisory committee have effectively gutted land use code protections for public health and safety, and now trying to remove our 1041 powers. It’s easy thanks to the consulting help of national lobbying interests who don’t want local governments to have a lot of control with regards to health, safety, and environmental protections. If the rules were good enough in the 1950’s well they’re good enough for 2012 and beyond. Nothing like local control when you have national interests writing your rules.

    Imagine what all this is going to do to our already depressed property values when we have drilling rigs dotting our mountains from Parachute to Carbondale? What new industries want to relocate to a county full of gas rigs? Call up Stewart Title and thank them for their great staffing acquisition, Nancy Turner. She’s Tom Jankovsky’s wife. For those of us with underwater mortgages, imagine the blow to our values if the Sunlight Development goes forward. Ski Sunlight will have a whole new meaning for “Fun Town USA” once old Tom, Nan, and SG Interests have their way. Has anyone ever questioned how Tom went from his bankrupted abode to driving a pretty hot little sports car after he won his election? Really, BOCCs don’t make a whole wad of cash.

    Imagine the health impacts as our BOCCs retain industry approved health impact studies using our public funds to make certain the industry “complies with reasonable poisoning limits”. What’s the acceptable limit for a child with a carcinogen related leukemia? The questiond remain: What are reasonable poisoning limits, Under who’s filtered terms? And do we have adequate enforcement opportunities for force industries that poison into compliance with acceptable limits of poisoning.

    Just ask Mike Samson, and he’ll tell you ‘things are good, and we’re blessed.’ As chair of FMLD, he’ll get more money from the industry to mitigate the impacts. Money he’ll get to decide how to allocate. Again, no one is questioning the purpose of FMLD, how it operates, who created the rules for it’s governing body, and whether or not it is actually acting as an independent special district from the county to warrant being separate from PILT funds from the DOI. Many are just happy they have an industry fat Santa passing out government money – courtesy of the US taxpayer – to do things like give IPads to cash strapped schools, and an overpass for New Castle to win votes and influence people. Need to boost the counties revenues from $95,000 million to support the $153 million the BOCC approved in expenditures? Golly, just increase rigs and get more impact money from Mike. There are always strings attached with payouts. Just wait until New Castle gets a load of its new line chorus line of drilling rigs on the south side!

    Our county has been hijacked. And the thieves are using our public funds to support a single industry with more than ample funds to support itself. It’s time for the public to wake up from it’s slumber. As the old saying goes, “People only care when it’s their ox that is getting gored”. Well, our ox is getting gored.

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