Expanding the facts

October 25, 2012

Garfield County

Guest post by Anita Sherman [District Chair for Glenwood Springs, and Candidate Committee Chair for Garfield County Democrats]

In a letter to the PI editor on 10/25 [Checks and Balances not as ‘bipartisan’ as it appears] , John Cooper through his direct campaign connections — just like my direct connections — knows the poll he refers to was conducted by Peak Campaigns and Bellwether Research & Consulting. It was a bi-partisan “Garfield County” poll paid for by national conservative and progressive interests. Bits and pieces of his facts don’t make up a whole truth.

Take the recent state campaign reports for the candidates. Both Briedis and Linman have full disclosure about their campaign activities. What you see is what you get. Campaigns built by the people, for the people. Grassroots democracy at its best!

Now, look at the incumbents’ campaigns. Like their records, something is missing. Every time a fancy flyer from Northwest Colorado Alliance (NCA) comes around supporting the incumbents, the cost per mailing is somewhere between  $7000 and $10,000. There have been at least six flyers, and rumors that more are coming.

Most radio ads cost between $12 and $24 for a 30-second slot. How many ads have we heard throughout the Roaring Fork Valley sponsored by NCA for Samson and Martin? It’s clear NCA is electioneering, but you won’t find state campaign finance reports from NCA detailing donors and expenses. Where’s the full disclosure and transparency for voters?

Add up the NCA mailers received, the radio ads heard, and compare those numbers to what’s being reported by the incumbents. Those numbers leave more questions than answers. Who’s paying for these fancy mailers and radio ads? Who’s trying to buy our local elections? And, why?

The answers are alarming. With outside campaign networks that include 501c4s, 501c6s, and random 527, support without campaign trackers, voters need to be aware that objects in the smoke-screened mirror are larger than they appear. Who, or what, wants a return on campaign investments to Samson and Martin?

Transparency is the litmus test for truth this election cycle. When we expand the facts with transparency, our incumbents’ puffing and campaign numbers don’t add up to trust. It’s time to hold Samson and Martin accountable, and vote them out.

Poll finds deep divide in views on Garfield energy policies

Bipartisan Poll: Garfield County Commissioners’ actions on drilling, oil shale dividing voters

Peak Campaigns and Bellwether Research & Consulting – Survey 09 – 2012 – Garfield County

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