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September 28, 2012

oil and gas drilling

Gov. Hickenlooper says state drilling rules must stand, rejects call to withdraw lawsuit against Longmont

Hickenlooper sounds more like the governor of the oil & gas industry – not the state of Colorado. Longmont’s lawsuit delays drilling activity and brings attention to the forsaken – the people and the environment of Colorado.

Diesel in Water Near Fracking Confirms EPA Tests Wyoming Disputes

Here’s the thing, testing doesn’t solve the problem — just kicks the can down the road. Government and industry are good at that. It’s time to stop all this confounded testing and do something about groundwater contamination.

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One Comment on “In other news …”

  1. Beth Says:

    Hickenlooper drank a cup of what he called Fracking Water in front of a crowd in Colorado Springs and said it was totally safe. What an uninspiring human being.

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