Antero is NOT flaring

Yes they are. No they’re not.

This is like a game. Wack-a-flare. Flare-flare – who’s got the flare?

Antero Operations Manager Jon Black talked to Kirby Wynn (GarCo oil & gas liaison), and Kirby has been talking to Tod and me.

Let me explain.

In this photo you see a drill rig on the left and a flare stack flaring on the ridge on the right. The drill rig belongs to Antero. THE FLARE STACK DOES NOT BELONG TO ANTERO.

Antero uses what’s called a low burner flare system, which is what they used on the Diemoz pad on Silt Mesa in 2010. Currently they only have one burner active and it’s on the “A” pad which is on the ridge east of Mamm Creek and the GarCo airport. We can’t see their burner from Silt. Antero is not operating any flare stacks south of Silt.

There. We got that straightened out. Apparently I misunderstood Kirby last week when we talked twice by phone. I described the location of the flare stack in the photo above. I thought Kirby said, “That would have to be Antero’s stack.” He said he had put in a call to Jon Black for the answers to my questions. But Kirby says he said it COULD be Antero’s flare stack. But anyway he’s right. My bad. I should have waited for verification.

The flare stack in these photos belongs to BBC (Bill Barrett Corporation). This is the one flare stack that Jim Felton (BBC’s communications manager) told me is on the Dixon pad, only flaring 4-5 times a month, and should be done by the end of October.

Part 2:  Black smoke and flare stacks

Part 3:  Air quality in Silt

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