Two well flares

Yup. Bill Barrett is flaring two stacks up on Mineota Ridge.

Or, let me put it this way. I assume the second flare stack belongs to Bill Barrett because Shaun Kellerby said the flare stack I complained about belongs to Bill Barrett. I initially thought it belonged to Antero because I thought they were they only ones drilling up there. After all, they have signs all over the place. And these companies never tell anyone what the hell is going on around here. We’re like mushrooms. They keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit. So as far as I’m concerned they deserve the mistaken assumptions and false accusations. I think it’s interesting Shaun Kellerby didn’t say anything about a second flare stack when I talked to him on the phone Monday (8/27). But that’s all part of that whole mushroom thing, isn’t it?

On Sunday night (8/26) while Tod and I were out taking photos, I thought I saw two well flares as we drove down Skyline Drive from Cemetery Hill. But then we could only find one when we went up Dry Hollow Road. So I figured I was seeing things. At the same time Ema was driving back from Glenwood to Silt on I-70. She also thought she saw two flares, but the second one disappeared right away. She too thought she was seeing double.

This morning (8/28) the stack that can be seen from all over town was flaring between 7:45 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. I know because I was down at Dogland. I drove up Dry Hollow Road and tried to take some video but the sun was too bright. This afternoon about 2:00 p.m., as I drove back to Silt on Hwy 6 (heading east from Rifle), less than a half mile from town I saw a stack flaring. I kept watching it as I drove into town. It didn’t appear to be in the same place as the stack I usually see. It seemed further back on the ridge. Then I drove to all the places I can see the stack I can usually see but it wasn’t flaring. I couldn’t go up Dry Hollow because CR311 was closed due to an accident. But I know I wasn’t seeing double. I’m sure there are two well flares.

This morning I talked to Pamela Woods, Silt Town Administrator. She is investigating. I also emailed her this afternoon to let her know about the second flare stack I saw. I put in a call to Paul Reaser, the GarCo environmental-health-air-quality guy. (I have no clue what his title is.) I left a rather lengthy message. However that was before I saw the second stack. So if he doesn’t call me back tomorrow, I will call and leave another message.

I got really sick this afternoon with a headache and stomach ache, and other symptoms of chemical exposure. I have recreational oxygen in a can, R02. So I inhaled a bunch of oxygen and slept in a closed air conditioned room for a couple hours until I recovered.  I’m not going to try and take any more photos or video. Just take my word for it. Unlike the oil & gas industry, I don’t feed you bullshit.

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