This week in Gasland

1 killed, 3 injured in Weld County gas well blast

Dear Encana,
Solar panels and wind mills don’t es-plode. Consider going green and clean — and safe.

Citizens hammer commissioners on Utah oil shale meeting

Say what? If you’re like me you are probably wondering what this article is about. I get the feeling the reporter wrote an article but the editor took out everything negative about the county commissioners and this was what was left.

Two citizens made public comments during said designated section of the BOCC meeting. Hardly a hammering. Sounds like Jankovsky hammered right back. So anyway, I have put in a request for clarification from one of the people present. Hope to bring you that very soon.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Expected to Create Millions in Revenue

Oh noes. This is disgusting. $15 million in revenue? Oh, according to Rep. Scott, so you know that’s a lie. Bet he can’t prove it. For 8 new jobs they salinate the living daylights out of the groundwater. Now industry officials tell us that not only do we have naturally occurring methane in our water but our water is also really salty. What a crock. All I can say is don’t buy any bottled water from Alanco Energy.

Fracking Industry’s Guar Bean Dependence Leaves Companies Looking For Substitutes

Oh great. Halliburton is cooking up some synthetic, unregulated, untested, laboratory produced slime to pump into the aquifers. At least we know what guar is and where it comes from.

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