New Silt trail section completed

August 3, 2012


As former trustee and mayor pro tem Tod Tibbetts said, “This trail system is the best thing the town of Silt has ever done. Finally, kids and dogs have a safe place to walk.”

In the past two years the Public Works Department has completed more than 12 blocks of asphalt trails along Grand Avenue and 7th Street, two of the busiest residential streets in town. You can take Tod’s word for it, before the trail system was built it was not safe to walk on Grand Avenue or 7th Street. I have had many close calls over the years. Though more than one person has pointed out some of those incidents might have been intentional. When I stop and think about it, they’re probably right. But it hurts my feelings to think there are actually people out there who don’t like me.

Anyway, now they’ll have to jump the gutter to get to me. In July, three more blocks of trail section were completed on Grand Avenue, from 7th Street to 10th Street.

Thank you Public Works. Thank you town of Silt. The Silt trail system is spectacular. We love it!

Just one small suggestion. Dog poop bags – and a dispenser, or two. Perhaps at the corner of Grand Avenue and 5th Street, by the Stop sign at the Community Center. Or at the Stop sign in front of the old post office at 7th Street. Or at the 8th Street pedestrian bridge by the Silt Historical Society, which is now sort of connected to the Silt trail system via 8th Street. Or at the Stop sign at the corner of 7th Street and Orchard Avenue. Just sayin …

Heading east from 9th St to 1oth St

Heading west from 9th St to 8th St

Heading west from 8th St to 7th St

CAUTION! Pavement is hot in the afternoon sun — ouch

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