Support Thompson Divide Coalition

The Thompson Divide leases are back in the news. Here’s the run-down:

Thompson Divide Coalition organizing drilling opponents
SG Interests says buy-out was rejected, drilling will happen

If you want to see what will happen to the Thompson Divide region just come out to western Gasfield County. So of course I stand in solidarity with our friends and neighbors up valley. The problem is, the oil & gas industry has never met a line they wouldn’t cross – even into pristine watersheds. Remember that’s where they look for the gas — see Finding oil and gas and Osama bin Laden.  I hope that while the TDC folks are busy organizing and fundraising they are also paying attention. There may already be much more going on up there than they realize. Follow the trucks at night up Four Mile …

You can show your support by learning about the issue, taking action, and donating at the Thompson Divide Coalition website.

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2 Comments on “Support Thompson Divide Coalition”

  1. Carl Mc Williams Says:

    HEADS UP SILT: According to the 7/27/12 POST INDEPENDENT; Divide Creek to the west of the proposed THOMPSON DIVIDE natural gas development is a possible truck route to haul the fracking chemicals to the drilling area and haul the produced water out. Which means if Divide Creek is used instead of downtown Glenwood Springs, the Town of Silt will be hammered with industrial scale truck traffic and not one dime will be paid to Silt for impact and mitigation. Because of the outrage by citizens from Glenwood Springs and Carbondale over this unthinkable industrial truck traffic on their public roads, Divide Creek and thus Silt’s roadways are politically a “default answer” to the truck traffic impact controversy. The Mayor and Trustees of Silt have come too far in the last three years towards effective economic development to be asleep at the switch and quietly allow this to take place.

    Furthermore, if you have decided to vote to reelect Commissioners John Martin and Mike Samson, this would be a good time to rethink that decision. The three Garfield County Commissioners have sent a formal letter to the BLM supporting gas drilling development at THOMPSON DIVIDE. This is a “scorched earth” policy on the part of Samson and Martin that will devastate the hunting and fishing industries of Garfield County and drive down real estate values.

    The time has arrived for the Silt BOT to conduct proper due diligence and investigate and report to it’s constituents the impacts on Silt’s roads, should Divide Creek be used by the gas drilling industry instead of Glenwood Springs and Carbondale’s roads.

    Carl Mc Williams

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Yes, thank you Carl. I noticed that in the article in The Paper this morning

    The dirty little secret is that most people think the drilling belongs out here. In fact they would like to draw a line up there between Sunlight and Divide Creek with a sign to oil & gas: Do Not Cross This Line. But contaminated water and bad ozone respect no boundaries. They can divert the truck traffic but they can’t divert the bad air and water.

    As for truck traffic and the town of Silt, I see no political will from the SiltBOTs to address bad air and water — much less truck traffic. They are all in denial. Do not expect any response from them. Well, except Mayor Dave will make sure there are checkpoints for truck inspections. Big deal.

    And Divide Creek? Well I think Lisa and I have shown you no one gives a crap about Divide Creek anymore …

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