Pine Ridge fire 10% contained

Thank you firefighters!

Click here for current updates of Pine Ridge fire

On Twitter, info on the fire is under these hashtags
#PineRidgeFire and #Pine_COGRD

Pine Ridge Fire perimeter map

Perimeter maps of active Colorado wildfires

Photo gallery of Pine Ridge fire

As noted on the Pine Ridge information page (first link above), the fire is 10% contained. As of 6:00 a.m. this morning, management of the Pine Ridge Fire transitioned from the local Upper Colorado River Type 3 Incident Management Team (IMT) to the Rocky Mountain Type 1 IMT. This will allow local fire management the opportunity to regroup and prepare for other initial attack and response needs. Several UCR Type 3 IMT members will continue working with the Rocky Mountain IMT.

More info — Wildfire near De Beque eases up

What it’s like to stay — Ranchers decide not to evacuate

On Thursday night we were told the fire had blown up to 10,000 acres from 1,500 acres (about 1:30 p.m.). But no one has said what caused the blow up. Did a compressor station blow up? Would they tell us if it did? Watch this time lapse video from Thursday afternoon.  I’m no expert but I’ve seen one or two explosions in my travels. This kind of looks like an explosion …

Pine Ridge Fire Time Lapse from Eddie Sheerr on Vimeo.

An observation about air quality –– We’ve been getting lots of ozone warnings about poor air quality from the smoke and ash.  It’s true, there is a lot of smoke and ash. However my reaction to the smoke and ash is totally different than my reaction to the venting that was going on the first two weeks in June when I got sick (I ended up with a nasty ear infection) and complained to the COGCC. They said I was just sensitive to the PM10 spikes. Of course the PM indices are STILL down for equipment maintenance on the GarCo air quality site but the ozone levels are similar to the June 6-12 ozone levels. Back then I was sick. I couldn’t breathe outdoors and experienced asthma-like attacks. Now — in spite of the smoke and ash — I’m just fine. I can be outdoors without gasping for air, no chest pains. No burning sensation in my eyes, ears, nose & throat. No sour metallic taste in my mouth. In fact I recovered from my ear infection in the middle of all this smoke and ash. I guess I’m not sensitive to ALL particulate matter — as long as it’s not laden with fracking chemicals. Just sayin  …

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2 Comments on “Pine Ridge fire 10% contained”

  1. Beth Says:

    Thanks for all of your coverage Peggy! You’re the best in the valley!

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    I know right? What’s up with the PI — and the Sentinel has so much paid content. Greedy bastiches — they need to re-think that whole business model.
    I just brought together all the online resources I could find and put them in one place hoping to give people easy access in one stop. I’m happy to know it helped.
    Now I wish they’d just tell the truth about why the fire blew up Thursday afternoon.
    Thanks — as always — for reading.

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