Pipeline leak up Dry Hollow on June 16

This is all we know —

Pipeline Break Leaks Frac Water in Silt

“Some of the frac water spilled into Dry Hollow Creek, but it did not reach the Colorado River.”  Yeah right it just soaked into the aquifer. In other words, nothing to see here, move along.

Encana pipeline break leaks frack water in Silt
An Encana pipeline break leaks 50 gallons of frack water in Silt

Oh just 50 gallons? More like 50 gallons is all they recovered during clean-up.

Remember what Greg Palast taught us about the Blind PIGS in the pipelines.

Thanks to Beth Strudley for sending this to me.

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3 Comments on “Pipeline leak up Dry Hollow on June 16”

  1. Tod Tibbetts Says:

    It’s interesting that one news source says “50 gallons” was spilled and the other says “50 Barrels”. Because it was even reported leads me to believe that it was at least 50 barrels, which is 2,750 gallons. That’s just what Encana is admitting to.

  2. Todd K. Says:

    First I would ask what news source and secondly I would state that a barrel of oil is 42 gallons and at 50 barrels that would be 2100 gallons and I think I would of heard about this and didn’t, but you never know. 50 gallons I could believe and I know that a cleanup would have been instrumented in any case. P.S. A drum is 55 gal. A barrel is 42. And I don,t even know how it was spilled. Pipeline, truck, tank breach, or what? I,m not clear on what Encana is admitting to either, 50 gal., or 50 barrels? Encana doesn,t have a lot going up dry hollow anymore but Antero and Barrett do so I’m very sceptical of this information. Last Dance has some activity concerning Encana. Curiosity strikes. What sources are you using?

  3. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    It’s was a pipeline that leaked. Both sources are the TV news reporters in GJ. Encana is currently fracking one well up in West Divide Creek area. They are drilling 2 more Niobrara wells. They do have pipelines up there since they were first up there and all.

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