West Divide Creek Seep series

May 24, 2012

West Divide Creek Seep

After a brief – yet unavoidable – hiatus the West Divide Creek Seep series is back. This series is co-researched and co-written by me, Peggy Tibbetts and Lisa Bracken from Journey of the Forsaken. I refer you to Journey of the Forsaken for background information to fill in the inevitable gaps in our coverage, especially regarding the history of the West Divide Creek Seep. It’s all there.

What is our purpose? To save West Divide Creek from the memory hole. The seep is still seeping, so the story must be told. Someday when they ask whatever happened to the Colorado River, they’ll find the story here and at Journey of the Forsaken.

Look for these images to find series posts on the front page.

Fracked Frank and his Don’t Drink the Frackin Water sign appear courtesy of Lisa Bracken and Journey of the Forsaken. Read more about him on the front page — scroll down.

*Don’t miss Lisa Bracken’s new 3-part series at The Negotiator Magazine*

Hydraulic Fracturing: A Controversy and A Case for Evolved Negotiations

Part One: A Primer on Resource Extraction and Hydraulic Fracturing

In the right column, look for West Divide Creek Seep. All posts will be linked there. You will also find links to Lisa’s series as they become available.

Lisa and I welcome your comments, questions, suggestions, and/or guest blog posts if you feel you have something to contribute to our series.

Please refer all complaints to The Management.

Thank you

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