Fracking up Midwest sandstone bluffs

May 17, 2012

oil and gas drilling

*Updated — 5/22*

I don’t often blog about oil & gas news in other areas of the US. I have my hands full covering all the crap that’s going on right here in our backyard. But this is personal. This story hits close to home – my old stomping grounds. I grew up in western Wisconsin. These days mining companies are cutting into the majestic sandstone bluffs of western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota for silica sand for – you guessed it – fracking. They call it “a modern-day gold rush”.  What it is really is fracking up the environment in the name of jobs and the far-reaching impacts of oil & gas drilling.

Midwest Sees a Sand Rush
Fracking Spurs Demand for the Stuff, Sparking a Mining Boom—and Vexing Some

The above link might ask for a login. If it does, then google the title of the article “Midwest Sees a Sand Rush” and Google will let you read the article for free.

Sand Mining boom in Midwest emerges in fracking debate

Farmland holds wealth in sand mining boom

This sand mine is in Menomonie, WI, my hometown

Thomas Wolfe famously said, “You can’t go home again”. There truly is nowhere we can go anymore to get away from the scourge of oil & gas drilling.

* Update — 5/22*

New article:  How Rural America Got Fracked

Video:  Flyover of Menomonie, Wisconsin sand mine

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