Surprising new developments in Strudley lawsuit

Beth Strudley called this evening to thank me for posting the information about Judge Ann Frick’s former law firm in my recent post. The Strudleys’ attorneys will definitely file an appeal and it looks like the info about Judge Frick may be helpful.

For a couple months a rumor has been circulating that the Fenno Ranch A well (aka Pretti Pad) on Silt Mesa is being used as an injection well (EPA on injection wells). To review, an injection well is where wastewater from fracking is injected into the well under high pressure. The Fenno well is located less than a half mile from the Strudleys’ house. According to Antero reps at the February public meeting, the Fenno well is a “non-producing well”. Non-producing wells can be, are, and have been used as injection wells. According to the EPA, in some formations injection wells can be used to enhance the recovery of oil. However injection wells must be permitted and the Fenno well is not permitted as an injection well.*

Fenno well on Silt Mesa

Beth Strudley reports that last month her attorneys presented as evidence in their lawsuit a video that showed water trucks at the Fenno well in the middle of the night. The only reason water trucks would be at a non-producing well would be to put wastewater back into the well – hence an injection well.

Tom Myers’ recently released study concluded that fracking fluids migrate uphill into aquifers, which would explain how the Strudleys’ well was contaminated. If the Fenno well is an injection well, then all the surrounding water wells on Silt Mesa are either contaminated or in danger of contamination in the very near future.

We’re onto you, Antero. Time to fess up. Is the Fenno well an injection well?

The Strudleys are currently living in Glenwood Springs. Beth, Bill and their two young sons are still dealing with chronic health problems due to compromised immune systems. They are working with a toxicologist. Even as they struggle with their health, they remain steadfast in their courage and determination. Beth and I plan to keep in touch and will provide updates on this developing story.

Strudley lawsuit judgment

Lone Pine Strategy Yields Drillers’ Win In Fracking Suit

Strudleys to appeal judge’s dismissal of Antero lawsuit
Attorneys have until mid-June to file a notice of appeal

* In January, I asked Kirby Wynn for a list of all permitted injection wells in Garfield County. Antero’s Fenno  Ranch A well was not on the list.  The COGCC has rules and regulations regarding injection wells. Part of the process involves notification of nearby landowners. Garfield County must also approve injection well permits. If a permit was applied for since January we would have heard about it.

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