Why gas prices are too damn high

April 14, 2012

oil & gas industry

Why Gas Prices Are Too High
Created by: Online Bachelor Degree Programs


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2 Comments on “Why gas prices are too damn high”

  1. A D Says:

    This is the best analysis explaining why oil and gas prices climbed so fast recently. Of course it may also have something to do with price manipulation by monopoly oil companies bent of making sure Obama loses!

    One has to wonder at least 2 more things:

    -if Republicans insisted on their ‘supply side’ theories and demanded OUR oil stay in the US (instead of exporting 2 million or so barrels a year), would the price decline?
    -what are US taxpayers, citizens, getting for the oil our government sells to the oil companies? ARE we getting our fair share? And what, exactly, is that fair share, or price per gallon or barrel of oil? If not, why not?

    Good Job ‘ fromthestyx ‘ !

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Thnx, but the credit goes to the students at Online Bachelor Degree Programs. I’m glad they sent me this infographic. It illustrates oil prices and it’s provacative.

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