Just the facts – no hysteria

Courtesy of Lisa Bracken and Journey of the Forsaken

Here’s a link to the 2012 Colorado School of Public Health study

Human Health Risk Assessment of Air Emissions from Development of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources

In an apparent response to this study, which shows increased health risks for humans living and working within ½ mile of a well pad, and all the attention it has garnered, the Garfield County BOCC will expand air quality monitoring.

Monitoring for natural gas pollutants to expand

That’s right. The BOCC will “tentatively” add a new unit to the county’s air quality monitoring system and one more air monitoring station – for a total of five between Carbondale and Battlement Mesa/Parachute. Don’t accuse them of overreacting. After all, in Garfield County oil & gas industry interests supersede public health concerns. In this economy we must be business friendly above all else.

At the work session Commission Chairman John Martin said: “One of the goals here is to not use fear, and to have good information instead of reacting to the pressures of politics.”

What “politics”? Is there a political platform that outlaws oil & gas drilling because of too much pollution? Not on this planet. Maybe he’s referring to his re-election campaign. Only politics I can think of, since it’s an election year and Martin is up for re-election. I guess he’s the one who shouldn’t react to political pressures. Public health is not political. That is, unless you’re against it …

Martin added, “We need to have facts instead of hysteria.”

What “hysteria”? Unless you believe a massive cover up of the facts is motivated by hysteria. In that case the hysteria is coming from the oil & gas industry.

The facts are out there. The studies are being suppressed. The scientists are being discredited.

2004 West Divide Seep Study
Dr. Geoffrey Thyne, -The University of Wyoming Professor was out of a job at the Colorado School of Mines after one of his study’s found fracking chemicals in a Colorado River

Gas patch scientists explain how hydraulic fracturing can permanently contaminate public water supplies

Gas Industrial Complex Series: Speech suppression against scientists becoming standard operating procedure

[excerpt from last paragraph] In Garfield County Colorado, big time influence over small town politics has resulted in three pro-gas politicians infiltrating the Board of County Commissioners. That same county has seen several other private citizens, as well as public employees become the targets of anti gas campaigns.

Garfield County commissioners terminate Battlement health assessment before completion

Judy Jordan asks: What happened to the Mamm Creek groundwater study?

A case study in how industry influence squelches the science of gas drilling impacts by Judy Jordan

“How to Destroy the Earth’s Fresh Water Supplies Without Anyone Finding Out” by Lisa Bracken

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