Low turnout in Silt election

April 4, 2012


Incumbents fare well in New Castle, Silt elections
Turnout hovers around 25 percent in both towns

Here are the three trustees and the election results:
177 votes – Ernest “Sonny” Fernandez (incumbent)
170 votes – Keith Richel
166 votes – Jeffrey LaValla

Leanne Richel, wife of Keith Richel, came up short with 163 votes. Don’t feel bad, Leanne. I lost to Bobby Hays in 2008. Anyway that’s typical. It has always been hard for women to get elected in Silt.

How discouraging – 26% voter turnout in Silt, with 262 ballots returned. The lowest turnout in 4 election cycles. In 2010, turnout was 39%, with 608 ballots returned. In 2008, we had 52%, with 523 ballots returned. In 2006, I don’t know what the percentage of turnout was but 444 ballots were returned.

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4 Comments on “Low turnout in Silt election”

  1. bowen roberts Says:

    WOMAN 2012 !! A ‘Counsel of Grandmothers’ to kick some ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ butt !!

  2. Hannah Stratton DeHerrera Says:

    These elected officials will be making big decisions for Silt. I notice that most people of Silt like to complain a lot about the changes happening here, or lack there of. So to find most are not willing to take 1 minute to fill out their ballot is seriously pathetic! As for Leanne, I know her through Boy Scouts, and she is young, energetic, honest, positive, hard working, has great ideas and solutions, and willing to put in lots of volunteer hours. My husband put it very well when he said, “If she will look after her town the way she looks after her children, she’s got my vote!” Her husband, Keith, has the same values as Leanne, but is more reserved, so it will be a pleasure to have him on the board!

  3. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Thanks Hannah, I can never figure out why people don’t vote in mail ballot elections. It’s so easy. I voted for Leanne too.

  4. Leanne R Says:

    holy cow ladies! I wish I could have seen this right after the results, I was bummed… but there will be more chances, and therefore maybe this just wasn’t my time. Hannah, I am all teary eyed with your comment! thank you it is very true, and encouraging, and awesome to know that ppl feel that way about me and my character. Thank you so much for all your votes!

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