Must see TV – Silt Candidates video

March 23, 2012


Wait – wait! Don’t vote yet. Watch this video.

Silt Candidates 2012

The article in The Paper did not do these candidates justice.
Silt candidates explain views on Renewal Authority, economy

The video is priceless. Even if you don’t vote in the Silt town election you have to watch – it’s only 11 minutes.

Sonny Fernandez steals show with his cute little slogan, “We’re gonna wake up Silt.” Sleepy little Silt. He looks like a jolly elf with his pointy ears and Mohawk.  He’s my neighbor. The “mayor of Third Street”. Totally wrong about the police department but I love him anyway. Sonny should have his own talk show on the cable access.

Keith Richel’s slogan is “Small city, small town, small ideas”. Can’t argue with that. Silt is famous for being small.

Leanne Richel went for the cheerleader angle, “Stand up and be, like, we’re Silt.” Again, something we definitely have going for us. We are, indeed, Silt.

Jeff LaValla – well you just have to watch. He eschewed the whole slogan thing the other candidates had going on and went for a travelogue of his extensive travels of western Colorado, where he has seen – you guessed it – a lot of other small towns like Silt. He wants to preserve what Silt has going for it. So, let’s see how we’re doing so far. We are still small and we are still Silt. How’s that for preservation.

Yay Silt!

Don’t forget to vote! Mail your ballots to the town hall by March 29. You can drop off your ballot at the town hall between now and April 3.

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One Comment on “Must see TV – Silt Candidates video”

  1. Hannah Stratton DeHerrera Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Peggy!

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