Gov Hickenlooper’s office doubles down on PSA lie

Instead of sitting down with environmental groups and listening to the facts about groundwater contamination caused by gas drilling activity, Governor Hickenlooper’s office shifted into propaganda mode and parsed their position into a spills-versus- production argument.

Hickenlooper’s spiel in oil, gas ad irks environmentalists

Which is ridiculous. What the hell difference does it make if the groundwater is contaminated by spills or production? The groundwater is still contaminated.

Bob Berwyn’s article nails down some of the facts about groundwater contamination which environmental groups are desperately trying to get out to the public to counter the Governor’s ad.

More propaganda in the PR war over gas drilling

I continue to add my voice to the chorus of environmentalists calling on Governor Hickenlooper to pull the PSA. And the Garfield County BOCC should release Judy Jordan’s Mamm Creek groundwater study immediately.

Governor Hickenlooper, the task force you established this week is a positive step toward addressing the impacts of oil & gas drilling on public health, wildlife, and the environment. But your propaganda war guarantees that instead of coming together in the spirit of cooperation you have pitted one side against the other as the members convene. Groundwater contamination is not a debate. There are not two sets of facts. Even as a politician you can’t possibly think you can have a “position” on groundwater contamination and be taken seriously – and certainly not as a governor of a state that ranks 9th in overall good health in the nation. The dirty little secret, Governor, is that everybody knows. Because everybody knows someone whose water was contaminated. Everybody knows that groundwater contamination studies are being covered up — and ignored. You are not fooling anyone.

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