Antero Community Meeting

Guest Post by Fiona Lloyd
RSPN Organizer and Silt Mesa resident

Antero Community Meeting
8th February, 2012
Silt Fire House

This was the latest in a series of Annual Community Meetings held by Antero. It was not to be confused with the community meeting held last year at Coal Ridge, which was special – that was about the 10 acre spacing. Believing that no one who attended the Coal Ridge meeting could have any interest in the annual community meeting, Antero declined to inform anyone on their email list from that meeting, as people move away and there wasn’t a definite contact person anyway. The Town of Silt definitely wouldn’t be interested, I guess.

Turnout was excellent – about 150 people. Antero came mob handed, with 12 representatives there. All smiles.

Kevin Kilstrom kicked off the meeting by describing Antero’s plans for 2012. No new drilling north of Hwy 6. Although it later emerged there was a caveat to this. 50 wells to be drilled south of the river from existing pads, with possibly one more pad to be built. One rig working full time but they were looking for a bigger rig to drill a test well into the Niobara Formation (probably this would be near Williams and DeJour’s Niobara wells south of New Castle).

The caveat about drilling north of the river: The Cactus Valley Federal Unit runs from Peterson Lane to Harvey Gap Road. It was federalized to circumvent the 10 acre spacing order that the Silt Mesa Community worked so hard prevent. There are no spacing orders on Federalized units. They have drilled one well and if it is not a paying well then they are obliged to drill another within 90 days. Once they get a paying well, they have 5 years before they have to drill another one.

Gathering lines from Silt Mesa will either go north to link up with pipelines north of Rifle or South to link with existing Antero lines south of the river. The pipeline will be 16″. Interestingly, the problems that Bob Rugulski had with the Antero pipeline have been solved – Antero bought the property. They didn’t say if they fixed the pipe.

Kilstrom took questions from the audience, deferring the difficult or contentious ones until after the meeting as not everyone would be interested in them. Topics covered were leasing, water recycling, fracking disclosure – this one prompted comedy gold when Kilstrom said airily that ‘the industry has seen the writing on the wall. Within 5, 6 years, there won’t be any chemicals that can worry anyone’  begging the question – which ones should we be worried about now?

The Comprehensive Drilling Plan for south of the river was only briefly touched on. Kilstrom said that there was no point in putting a half baked document in front of the community for comment. Fair enough – what he didn’t explain was why then had it been submitted to the COGCC in December 2011? At any rate it has been pulled and there was no further mention of it.

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