RSPN Alliance News — Spring 2012

Greetings RSPN friends and neighbors!

A new year in the gas patch brings the prospect of increased drilling south of the river. Dejour will drill 42 wells in Garfield Creek State Wildlife area, and Antero will drill 850 wells on land just south of Silt, part of which is a nature preserve. Two pipelines — Pumba and Kokopelli Phase II — will be bored under the Colorado river, partly across BLM lands. And that’s only what’s been announced by January so far!

The RSPN continues to liaise with the GVCA and WCC to support legislative efforts to protect air and water quality. Pressure on the Board of County Commissioners to conduct/conclude ongoing testing for methane in drinking wells south of the river and the Health Impact Study of drilling on citizens increases, with a letter from Judy Jordan and an opinion piece by Roxana Witter in the Glenwood Post over the past week.

We hope that a Community Meeting with Antero will take place, but so far there is no information on when that might happen.

Dates for your diary:

February 2:   EAB meeting. Read draft  agenda. Your chance to meet Industry Representatives and ask questions/raise issues.  RSPN will be there.

February 7:   Antero has a community meeting with Battlement Mesa. RSPN will be there too!

February (date not yet fixed):  Joint informational meeting between GVCA and Thompson Creek Coalition to be held in Glenwood Springs. Come along and tell your neighbors what they can expect when the drill rigs start rolling.

March 1:  NW Colorado Oil and Gas Forum – agenda not yet available. Your chance to meet COGCC Representatives and hear updates from the Industry. Public comments allowed.

From the Styx posts RSPN Alliance news as a service to the organization. Any opinions expressed on this blog are my own and not necessarily those of RSPN Alliance or its members.

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2 Comments on “RSPN Alliance News — Spring 2012”

  1. bowen roberts Says:

    i have no idea what the word under Garfield Cnty in RSPNs logo is–nice design, but whatever message it was hoped would be conveyed is lost to all outside the area. i think it would be an advantage to all concerned (the whole country & beyond) if groups with pertinent information were easily identified at a glance–don’t mean to discourage art (it’s very nice) but the important thing here is ready access…BR

  2. Fiona Lloyd Says:

    It’s Fracked 🙂

    It was felt that a skull and crossbones dripping blood was a going a bit over the top…..


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