Fracking satire

December 31, 2011

gas wells

I wish to end the year on a high note – or at least go out laughing.

It has been a strange year for us in Gasland. We have hydrogen sulfide in our air and benzene our water, but both of those are “naturally occurring” and not in large enough quantities to be harmful and there is no such thing as “cumulative effects”. So even though the water makes us sick and the air makes us wheeze it’s better than living in say – downtown LA.

But something did change in 2011. Not only in the US but around the world, public awareness of the evils of fracking has grown. And the propaganda – I prefer to call it psyops – has been coming fast and furious. These guys think we’re really stupid  My hope for 2012 is that they just keep this coming because it’s highly entertaining and great blog fodder.

Along the way, some artists and comedians have also had a little fun at the industry’s expense. No doubt I haven’t seen it all but here are some of my favorites.

In this first video, comedian Juliana Furlano from The Ironic News Report calls bullshit on gas industry propaganda.

Natural Gas Company Propaganda is BULL S*!T! The Ironic News Report Calls Them Out!

Don’t miss this hilarious send up of Terry the Frackosaurus from Stephen Colbert. I can’t post the video so just follow the link.

Anti-frack attack starring Terry the Frackosaurus
To promote fracking, Talisman Energy releases Talisman Terry the Frackosaurus, the funnest energy extraction-based character since Mountaintop Mining Manny.

In Australia it’s called “coal seam fracking” and these two comedians poke fun at the political hypocrisy behind it all.

The Hamster Wheel: Fracking with Alan Jones

This one isn’t satire. It’s a cool song by Ben-Ulric from South Africa. I was struck by how much the landscape in the video looks like western Garfield County — before fracking that is.

Fracking Blues

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