Insurgents R Us

November 11, 2011

Garfield County, gas wells, Silt

Sharon Wilson, director of the Oil & Gas Accountability Project for the nonprofit environmental group Earthworks, showed up at an oil industry conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, during the first week of November. She recorded the conference and some of the most bizarre audio is making the rounds on the interwebs.

Oil Executive: Military-Style ‘Psy Ops’ Experience Applied
(be sure to listen to the audio snippets)

Ok. This really hurts my feelings. I’m anti-war, anti-violence. I subscribe to the pen is mightier than the sword philosophy. I am so disappointed to learn that rather than spend all those hours at public meetings and type my fingers to the bone with these umpteen blog posts, I could have just blown up a truck or a gas well, and the outcome would still be the same.

We’re either with them or we’re against them. As far as corporations are concerned, they are people and we are the enemy. So much for negotiation.

But wait, there’s more. I love this. Business Insider’s Robert Johnson broke it down for us:  The top 10 military ‘psy-ops’ corporations admit to using against Americans

If this wasn’t so totally FUBAR, it would be funny.

So let’s have some fun. Let’s look at how Antero stacks up in the counterinsurgency department.

1.  Legitimacy is the Main Objective: Insert the government of choice
Two words: Mayor Dave

2.  Unity of Effort is Essential: Obtain full control of all government agencies
Well, there’s the COGCC, the Colorado DPHE, the EAB, and we can’t leave out the GarCo BOCC.

3.  Understand the Environment: Become friends with the townsfolk
Come on, admit it. You felt the love at those Antero meetings last winter.

4.  Isolate Insurgents from Their Cause and Support: Initiate legal action to cut protesters financial support
Too in-your-face, Antero is more insidious. When someone sues them, they settle out of court. They get to be the “defendant” in the public eye and silence the plaintiff. All the while preserving their good-guys-in-white-hats façade.

5.  Prepare for a Long-Term Commitment: Settle in and get comfortable, they’ll be there ’til the hole runs dry
Yup. Whenever there is public attention and outcry over an application, they pull it with the intention to re-submit when we’re no longer paying attention. Eventually the insurgents will die off, or leave.

6.  Manage Information and Expectations: Limit discontent and build support
At any given meeting with Antero reps, the agenda is 99% sales pitch with little-to-no public discussion and built-in (planted) audience support.

7.  Use Measured Force: Sometimes there’s no other choice but to get physical
Not yet anyway …

8.  Learn and Adapt: Gather informants, create new laws and policies
I can’t provide examples of this because this is what they do out of public view, without scrutiny. It’s happening somewhere right now.

9.  Empower the Lowest Levels: Give every employee involved the ability to make decisions
For example, Lars Inman was granted authority to circumvent proper Silt town government procedures with the application process.

10. Support the Host Nation: Develop local leaders to maintain corporate policy
Who else is on their team besides Mayor Dave? I’ll be paying close attention.

Looks like Antero scores a cool 8 out of 10. They are definitely into the psyops. Huh. What do you know? I guess they’re at war. With us. Now we know how the Iraqi people feel.

In other news —

EPA Finds Compound Used in Fracking in Wyoming Aquifer

Attention SiltBOTs, look into the crystal ball and see your future …

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2 Comments on “Insurgents R Us”

  1. Fiona Lloyd Says:

    #8 – oh I can! The BoCC have just redrafted the redraft of the Land Use rules with a little help from some consultants in Denver and the Oil and Gas Industry. ‘Cos it’s important that pits and pipelines and wells are easier to install without any pesky public input.

  2. Fiona Lloyd Says:

    And in the big picture……. $747 million stops a lot of laws

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