Nicky Leigh resigns as Silt trustee

October 25, 2011


Nicky Leigh has resigned as Silt trustee, effective immediately. She was elected to the Silt Town Board in April 2008. Leigh, who is moving to Florida, will be unable to serve out her term. The Board will not appoint anyone to replace her because her term ends in April 2012, which is less than six months from now. There will be three trustee positions open for the 2012 Town Election in April.

When contacted, Nicky Leigh provided FTS with the following statement:

“I’m moving to Florida not because I’m leaving Silt (I still have a house here) but because my family is expanding and I want to be near my first grandchild when he’s born and to help my daughter while her husband is travelling with his job.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the Board though at times its extremely frustrating.

“There is still a lot to do.  Yes, we need to bring in new businesses but we should be careful that the way of growth supports free enterprise and doesn’t put the Town in any financial jeopardy.  Staff stills needs to create a policy for how town citizens can use our new facilities (the stage, Roy Moore, the old library when available) to improve community and expand local activities.

“We’re all still facing tough financial times.  Given the town budget and charter, the Board should let the Town Administrator run her staff as she sees fit without interference and pressure to do it their way.  She’s done an excellent job in staying below budget while maintaining and training the town staff, building a couple of paths through town to make it safer for the kids, starting movie night in the park, building the stage and BMX track by the baseball field, and supporting community initiatives such as the Friday market.

“I want to thank everyone for their support while I was on the Board and I encourage everyone to participate as much as possible in their local government and/or chamber of commerce.  If these two entities work together they can bring in business and help our town to grow sensibly while keeping the charm and surrounding areas intact.”

We would like to thank Nicky for her service and wish her well. We will miss her strong voice on the Town Board.

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