The bluffs of Dogland

October 7, 2011

dogs, Silt

After last spring’s flooding, the river receded over the summer months, exposing new three to four-foot bluffs. Some sections of the riverside trail were washed away entirely.

Heading west along the riverside trail

Another steep section heading west along the riverside

Much to park users dismay – yet not surprisingly – the Silt Public Works Dept has not done the trail repair work that was discussed last June. The parking lot wasn’t graded until September 26, at my request. I couldn’t stand the potholes anymore. The youth work group that was supposed to clear brush in the park went to the Forest Service to work on the Mansfield Ditch Trail, which is actually a bigger priority in my opinion.

Whether the town of Silt wants to admit or not, River Park is indeed the busiest, most-used park. Every weekend the parking lot is packed with rafters, fisherman, and dog walkers. During the week the traffic is lighter but steady, all day every day.

To deal with one of the problem areas, a narrow trail along the riverside, Tod Tibbetts cleared out a thicket and blazed an alternative route. The new trail section is marked with orange ribbons.

New alternate trail heading east on the riverside

Inside the new trail with Pepé. The dogs love this section.

A view of the new trail section heading west

We plan to widen this trail section this fall sometime. Tod took this photo with his crappy Blackberry camera so it’s a little fuzzy.

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2 Comments on “The bluffs of Dogland”

  1. Debi & Katie Briels Says:

    Thanks to Tod for the trail work. Much appreciated!

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    You’re welcome! He really enjoys it and wishes he had more time to work on the trails at the park. We’re hoping to get more done before the snow flies.

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