Shh … don’t tell the EPA

September 30, 2011

Garfield County, gas wells

Noble: Rulison spill did not contaminate surface water
‘Highly unusual’ event dumped 18,000-plus gallons onto ground

Noble Energy is at it again. The same folks who emit dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide are now responsible for dumping thousands of gallons of frack water. But not to worry, Noble’s public relations guy said no ground water was harmed in the incident. Whatever you do, don’t tell the EPA.

At Denver EPA hearing, oil and gas industry seeks delay in new pollution controls

According to this article the oil & gas industry doesn’t like the kind of regulations that cost money.  Yet the industry keeps insisting they can regulate themselves. They tell us they don’t need no stinking regulations. But when faced with the possibility of a few minor regulations from the EPA they throw a fit.

So now we know two things. The gas industry won’t clean up their toxic messes unless they get caught. And they don’t abide by regulations that cost money.

Garfield County’s new oil and gas liaison started work Monday
Man’s resume includes 23 years with the USGS working in water studies

Another gas liaison hand-picked by the industry? Let’s see. Wynn worked for the USGS, which is heavily subsidized by grants from oil & gas because they map all the oil and gas deposits in the U.S. And Wynn’s wife, Bess Wynn works as an operations assistant for Chevron. The word “cozy” comes to mind.

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