COGCC and gas industry: massive coverup unfolding

The summer began with a report released in July from the Global Community Monitor which found 22 toxic chemicals, including hydrogen sulfide in the air above Silt Mesa.

Report: Hydrogen sulfide detected in air at Silt Mesa
Health official, industry doubt findings are true

Taking matters into their own hands … Citizens sample air near oil, gas operations

The Report:  GASSED! Citizen Investigation of Toxic Air Pollution from Natural Gas Development

I thought, well now I know why my eyes burn all the time. But I figured nothing would come of the report because that’s just how stuff works around here.

A week later a class action lawsuit was filed.

Battlement Mesa residents file suit against Antero Resources

The first week of August a NYT article pointed to an ongoing coverup of contaminated water wells that goes back decades.

A Tainted Water Well, and Concern There May Be More

And ProPublica points to other cases of contaminated wells:   Does an Old EPA Fracking Study Provide Proof of Contamination?

All of which gives new ammunition in the class action lawsuit:  Colorado gas activists point to old West Virginia fracking case as ‘smoking gun’

But wait, there’s more. Turns out that’s not all they’re covering up. Remember the hydrogen sulfide detected in the air on Silt mesa?

Deadly Gas Industry Coverup Revealed by NC5

State officials looking into hydrogen sulfide reports
Commission will report findings to COGCC on Aug. 8

Colorado Officials Investigating Hydrogen Sulfide Reports At Oil And Gas Drilling Sites

And the gas industry stinks like rotten eggs

Credibility of natural gas industry on the line at industry’s own conference

Here it is August 10, and we’re still waiting to hear from the COGCC about hydrogen sulfide emissions …

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