This is Remmy

Remmy is a 2-year old chocolate lab. The wounds on his face and neck are in the process of healing. Dusty Herwick works at Studio Six in Silt. She and her fiancé, Casey Sheets found Remmy on July 2 along the road up East Divide Creek near Resort Park. He had been shot point blank.

They took him to Divide Creek Animal Hospital. Dr. Langegger removed a .45 slug from his neck. Remmy was apparently shot in the face, which took out most of his back teeth and hit his vocal chords before lodging in his neck. All of which probably knocked him out and his owner left him for dead. Remmy may not recover his full bark. For now his bark sounds like a rough cough.

Remmy is safe now. Dusty and Casey are keeping him. He stays at Studio Six with her during the day. He never leaves her side even if she is just walking across the room. Ema Tibbetts took the photo and said it was the best she could do because “he’s a little shy about having things pointed at him, for obvious reasons”.

Dusty has another dog at home so Remmy has some 4-legged companionship as well. She and Casey hope Remmy’s story reaches someone who knows someone who knows someone who shot him. They hope someone will step forward with information. Don’t we all.

Do you recognize Remmy? Now that you know his story maybe you’ll talk to someone who knows someone …

If you have information, or would like to donate to Remmy’s medical fund, you can find Dusty and Remmy at Studio Six across from the Fire Station in Silt. Or click on the link to find her on the Studio Six Facebook page.

In other sad pet news –

Person dumping cats remains a mystery


This post was written with the collaboration and permission of Dusty Herwick, Karen Sedillo, and Ema Tibbetts. Thnx Karen & Ema – and especially you Dusty for saving Remmy’s life and giving him a home!

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3 Comments on “This is Remmy”

  1. Debi & Katie Briels Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Peggy. It just broke my heart. Katie & I went over to Studio Six the other day to take Remmy one of her stuffed animals that she wanted to share with him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there, but Dusty was. She was very appreciative.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    You’re welcome. Remmy is one lucky dog, no matter how sad the circumstances. Hope Katie’s paw is healing. Dogland is beginning to dry up but the bugs are awful.

  3. Debi & Katie Briels Says:

    Yes, Katie’s paw is healing. Thanks. There was a good-size chunk taken off by who knows what in that stream! It was quite a scene! You must’ve seen my Thank You to the Search & Rescue group. I was so lucky they were there to help.
    Yes, the park is drying up. I can’t believe how much river-side trail we lost, though! Wow! And yes, the bugs are bad!

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