It’s a Jungle Down There

At Dogland, that is. Still wet. Still muddy. Wear water shoes. And lots of bug dope. The mosquito situation reminds me of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. Clouds of them. With the water has come lush foliage, grasses, and wildflowers, it feels like a jungle. If you can stand the mosquitoes and the mud, it’s well worth the effort. Frogs, lizards, birds singing, the owl family — wow — the park is beautiful and oozing with life energy.

The river has gone down somewhat, maybe two feet. With this week’s early monsoon arrival the river will likely remain high for the next couple weeks. The ditch road is dry. The pond is slowly receding. There is standing water on the lower interior trail but it is beginning to dry up in some sections.

The elm tree at the end of the ditch road went down during Monday night’s (7/4) wind storm.

This one on the river side probably won’t make it through the next storm.

Tod and I are in the long, slow process of forging a new trail on the river side. Tod, Pepé, and Zeus show us the way. At the end of the ditch road, follow the river side trail. The east end of the river side trail is in good condition until you reach an abrupt end. Turn left into the brushy section which is where Pepé is headed in the photo.

Follow the trail as it winds through the brush until you reach the river side again.

There you will keep going to the left again toward the cutoff trail that runs diagonally through the park.

In a few short steps the trail links up with the cutoff trail.

Eventually the cutoff trail links up with Ken’s loop.

The thicket is muddy but most of the standing water is gone.

Happy squishy trails!

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