After the flood …

The river has begun to recede. Water is no longer flowing through the park. It is now possible to enter the park without watershoes. But the riverside trail is muddy and wet. The driest and least muddy trail to the ditch road is to the right of the parking lot.

The pond is receding but the trail around it is still really muddy.

Speaking of mud. Waves of mud spread from the below the triangle and through the thicket on the riverside.

The lower interior trail remains under water. However it is now standing water and not running water so it should begin to dry up.

The ditch road is dry with mud in a few sections. The ditch water has receded at least three feet, mostly because of the debris damn at the end of road, which is diverting most of the runoff downstream. On the right side of the debris dam there is a short waterfall down to the ditch. I couldn’t get it on camera, too much debris and bushes in the way. Besides, I didn’t feel like falling in the ditch today.

Today was the first day since June 5, I have been able to walk along the riverside all the way to the thicket. The swift water is still very dangerous.

It’s difficult to determine how much of the riverside trail has washed away because much of it is still under water. The sections that are no longer under water have sustained massive erosion. The riverside trail is still treacherous. Please use caution with yourself and your dogs. I use a hiking pole. Do not take children near the river. Zeus fell in this morning. If John and Polar had not been there, I’m not sure I would have been able to pull him out myself. John helped me.  Huge sections of riverbank have been washed away. Pools of swirling water exist now where there was once a sloped bank.  The following photos speak for themselves, as I am speechless. Nature is at once awesome and cruel. Eventually the park will dry up and we can begin repairing the damage and making new trails around the sections we can’t fix.

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