Dogs Go Mad Over Dogland Closing

On June 7, Dogland was closed due to high water. Yup. The park is officially flooded. But just try telling that to a dog.

Seen riding through town in their pickup, Sikh and Fern hollered out the window, “Leashes? We don’t need no stinkin leashes!”

But there is strife on the home front. Panic attacks. Not eating. Refusing to get off the couch. Frantic pacing. And Zeus isn’t handling it very well either.

We took the dogs over there to see the road block and the high water.

“So what’s the big deal about a little water?” Zeus snorted. “The parking lot isn’t flooded. I would like to walk around the parking lot. All we ever do is walk in circles anyway. You humans are such wusses.”

Then Pepé – always the little focker in the group – perked up his ears. “Didn’t you have that meeting down here last week with the town peeps? This is all your fault. You showed them how high the water is.”

“They would’ve seen it anyway, Pepé,” I said. “It’s kinda hard to miss.”

He stuck his nose in the air.  “Si. Now they’ve gone and shut the place down. I just knew you were up to something.”

“Oh shut up,” I barked at him. I looked at Zeus. “This is not my fault. This is one of those hundred year flood events. Aren’t you even going to defend me? Besides you know this park doesn’t belong to you.”

Zeus sniffed. “I was under the impression it belonged to you. I mean, you act like you own it.”

I rolled my eyes. “Everything is always so black and white with you dogs. Cut me some slack here. I didn’t close the park and I can’t re-open it. So just deal with it.”

But Zeus ignored me as he shuffled off muttering, “I want my Dogland. I want my Dogland. I want my Dogland …”

Pepé tossed head, flipped his tail in the air, and pranced away after him.

I hope DCAH has plenty of Clomicalm on hand. If Dogland doesn’t re-open soon, things could get pretty ugly around here.

Flooding News —

Raging river damages Glenwood Canyon bike path

A flood of problems along area waterways

Garfield County news — snow melt creates high water and road closures

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