Please Comment on Oil Shale Development

I’ve learned from long years of living here it’s a good idea to pay attention to what the energy companies are up to. I went to the May 3rd evening session of the BLM OSTS PEIS public scoping meetings. All of the information that was presented is available on the interwebs. The links are posted below.

The Paper has a re-cap of the afternoon session. Reporter Colson gives a good overview of the basis for these public hearings on Oil Shale.

Residents, industry give input on oil shale
BLM hearing part of a re-evaluation of leasing decisions made at end of Bush administration

From this description, the evening session I attended seemed remarkably similar, though not as many speakers, and not as many speakers in favor of oil shale development. No speaker identified himself as representing the oil industry but there was one speaker who said he represented a citizen group for oil shale development. The tone on both sides was about the same. The only two notables present were Mesa County Commissioner Craig Meis who complained about “all these studies” and brought up how great oil shale development is in Estonia, which I’m busy researching. Pitkin County Commissioner Rachel Richards voiced her concerns about water and the environment. She said that dust from extensive road building and lack of re-vegetation lands on the snow and causes odd melting patterns and fast run-offs.

What follows are links to the contents of the BLM’s presentation at each public scoping meeting. Your presence at the meeting is not necessary to make a comment. You do not need to be a resident of Colorado, or the other states involved. Anyone, anywhere can comment. However the deadline for comments is coming up fast:  May 16, 2011. So hurry up. Comments will be divided into two categories: {1} within the scope of PEIS; (2) outside scope of PEIS.

How to submit your comments:

How to Make your Comments Count for the OSTS PEIS

Remember the deadline is May 16, 2011
Please comment!

Click here to make your comment now.

BLM Press Release

Oil Shale and Tar Sands – aka OSTS

The power point presentation:

Scoping Meeting Presentation

The map:

Detailed view of OSTS resources in Colorado, SE Idaho, Wyoming, & Utah

Info about the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement – aka PEIS:

OSTS Programmatic EIS Information Center – there is a link to the Final PEIS here

I have more to say about oil shale development but it’s more important to get this information posted because of the short deadline for comments. Your comments are important.

OBTW, the BOCC terminated the Battlement Mesa HIA before it was completed.

Speak no evil. See no evil. Hear no evil.

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