Battlement Mesa HIA Comment Deadline April 27

Reminder –

The cutoff for public comments is 5:00 pm MDT April 27, 2011.

Please take the time to make your voice heard. Comments must be submitted in writing to:

The Battlement Mesa HIA
c/o Roxana Witter
Colorado School of Public Health
13001 East 17th Place B119
Aurora, CO 80045

Draft 2 Battlement Mesa HIA/EHMS

Fracking News –

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce released its report on Monday, titled Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing, which pretty much confirms everything you ever suspected about the tons of crap they dump into the environment every day.

Read the full report here:  Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing

But here’s a new one. All along the gas companies have been claiming the chemicals they used are “proprietary” and “trade secrets”. Turns out they don’t even know.

Leaked Congressional Report: Even ‘Fracking’ Companies Can’t Identify All the Chemicals They Use

… in most cases the companies stated that they did not have access to proprietary information about products they purchased “off the shelf” from chemical suppliers.  In these cases, the companies are injecting fluids containing chemicals that they themselves cannot identify.

Funny how an energy attorney faulted the methodology in the report. Sound familiar? The West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association (WSCOGA) also criticized the methodology in the first draft of the Battlement Mesa HIA last fall.

Oil slick –

At first glance I thought maybe this was a joke.

Revealed: Confidential Document Shows Oil Company’s Strategy to Con Landowners into Giving up Drilling Rights
Want to see a page (or 5) right out of the oil industry’s playbook?

Then I read the document:  Talking Points for Selling Oil and Gas Lease Rights

They think people are really stupid. Kinda made me want to puke.

Breaking Update 4/20Ohio State Representative Wants Investigation into Possible Oil and Gas Fraud

Not-so-fun fact –

Did you know?

In 1996, Silt, Colorado boasted an average of 323 sunny days per year.

By 2010, the average sunny days in Silt dropped to 238.

That’s no joke. And that’s not climate change. That’s pollution.

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