Dogland on Facebook

Except it’s not called Dogland. It’s called Silt Dog Park group. Now showing up at Facebook. Check it out and join us.

The latest news is Ken Smullen (he owns Lucy the black Lab) blazed a new trail on the riverside. It makes a great alternative for moms with strollers, or bikers, or anyone who feels a little unsteady on the narrow path by the river. The new trail will really come in handy during spring runoff. It bypasses this washed out section near the thicket.

Zeus and Pepé are excited to show you the way …

The new trail is on the left

Pepe says, "Follow me."

Go past the log or stop and rest

Turn north back to the river

Here we are back on the riverside trail

Here's the trail from the west, walking upriver

Thank you Ken!

Last month Silt’s maintenance department completed the Rip Rap Project at the end of the ditch road which should make a big difference during spring runoff.

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4 Comments on “Dogland on Facebook”

  1. Joseph Muenich Says:

    I love these photo essays, Peggy. Do you have one of the West Elk Trail?

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Why thank you Joe. I took those photos with my iphone, how’s about that?
    No I haven’t actually done a photo essay of West Elk but we do have a blog with lots of photos

  3. Kenneth Smullen Says:

    Nice Job Peggy, See you soon at the Silt Dog Park!

  4. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    thanks, Ken
    I’m a total amateur compare to you
    see you soon

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