Meeting between Antero and RSPN Alliance

Date:  March 23, 2011
Time 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Place:  Silt Fire House

Purpose: To continue the dialog between industry and citizens to help move forward on a Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP).  The goal is to create a working relationship between community and industry whereby each entity accepts a level of responsibility and holds each other accountable.

Agenda: The RSPN Alliance request that these meetings be a collaborative endeavor and the agenda is set by both parties.

RSPN members have identified the following topics:

I.  Initial meeting to agree on topics and schedule. This could be a group of about 20 people. RSPN Alliance has formed committees and members from those committees will attend the meetings as their area of interest comes up.

A. Agenda for the first meeting on March 23

1.  Introductions
2.  Expectations of Antero
3.  Expectations of RSPN/Silt Mesa Community
4.  Identify Topic of concern that will be included in the Comprehensive Drilling Plan

  1. a)  Use the community development plan as a start
  2. b)  Include topics/info from the Mesa County CDP

5.  Discuss the format of future meetings, mutual decision on an effective approach
6.  Schedule future meetings

List of Topics that RSPN Alliance feels need to be addressed, not all inclusive, just a start:

1)  Leasing – mineral rights, forced pooling, contracts
2)  Water – baseline, monitoring, mitigation
3)  Air  – baseline, monitoring, mitigation
4)  Transportation and Construction – roads, traffic, weeds, pads, reclamation
5)  Health – short term, long term
6)  Economic Impacts – property values, local agricultural businesses
7)  Technology and Safety – drilling, fracking, disposal
8)  Other – impacts on wildlife and lifestyles, ongoing education

To have a meeting that is cooperative, egalitarian, inclusive, and participatory, the RSPN Alliance prefers that a mediator be included. They recommend securing a mediator that is acceptable to both parties and suggest requesting partial funding from Garfield County.

RSPN Alliance suggests that all participants please download the 2006 Community Development Plan from the Garfield County’s website and print it out to bring along.

Also, please check out Mesa County’s Mineral and Energy Resources Master Plan adopted February 2011, to see how Mesa County have decided to move forward (including frac tracing). Please come prepared to join a sub-committee to work on specific topics in the future.

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