RSPN Alliance News — March 4

On Wednesday, March 2, the RSPN Alliance held an organizational and resources meeting. Here are the highlights:

Antero’s 10-acre well spacing application with the COGCC was not withdrawn; it has been amended as per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU — pronounced “moo”). The next meeting between RSPN and Antero is scheduled for March 23, 2011.

A Canadian company, GASFRAC Energy Services uses a process called WaterLess Fracking in gas fields in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick and Pennsylvania. They use LP Gas in place of water.  Click here to view the promotional brochure. To view the 33-page investor presentation version, please email me and I will send you the PDF:

The Garfield County Energy Advisory Board (EAB) meets the first Thursday of every month at the GarCo Human Services Building in Rifle. For meeting information visit the EAB webpages.

The COGCC Rifle Office handles natural gas drilling questions and complaints: 625-2947

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RSPN Alliance has a Facebook page.

Fracking the Western Slope is also on Facebook.

Information sharing

Western Colorado Congress has two brochures available: “Your Land Your Rights” and “Not So Fast Natural Gas”.

Did you know you can view the videos of GarCo BOCC meetings at Central Video Library? It’s true!

I have posted a new links section on the left side of the page, All Things Gasland. If you know of any links to add, please send them to me via email. I can also link to PDFs. Just send me the PDF and I will post it with the other links.

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This week in Gasland

The past week was the biggest week in Gasland news ever. Starting with the New York Times’ Drilling Down series:

Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers

Must see TV …

Natural Gas and Polluted Air
Garfield County is at the heart of Colorado’s natural gas gold rush. Residents there complain of air quality problems.

Another family flees Silt. Only 9 minutes — MAKE time to watch this.

Chevron completely seals off its gas wells
Method differs from that most often used in area

Ok, so obviously Chevron does this to protect the groundwater and underground aquifers. This seems like such a no-brainer. Why isn’t this required?

Second draft of Battlement Mesa health study released
Scientists: Drilling within probably would threaten health, safety of residents

Ah, the controversial and political HIA. It’s hundreds of pages to wade through. There’s a link to it on the left:  Battlement Mesa HIA/EHMS. Let me condense it for you. One word: benzene. You’re breathing it. You’re drinking it.

Fracking exposed

Commission looking into use of diesel fuel in fracking operations
COGCC following up on congressional report

And here’s the COGCC memorandum on said Use of Diesel Fuel for Hydraulic Fracturing in Colorado

5 Facts about Fracking Every Family Needs to Know
More and more science is starting to call out the practice of natural gas fracking for what it is—dirty, and a threat to everybody’s health.

EPA Chief Grilled on Safety of Hydraulic Fracturing

There WILL be a quiz on all this  …

*Disclaimer:  Any opinions here are my own and not necessarily those of RSPN Alliance or its members*

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