Happy Twenty Eleven

I’m ba-ack.

And still harping on that old pet peeve of mine. How to pronounce 2011. This is the year we are going to get it right.

There’s a movement afloat – well actually just a blog – and a Facebook page – to encourage people to Say Twenty Eleven, please. Maybe I was too hard on everyone last year. It’s time to adopt a lighter approach. Instead of name calling and demanding everyone correctly pronounce 2011, I should encourage people to change their idiotic ways – er – old habits.

So here goes …

We can do it. We can change. I know we can.

Twenty. Eleven.

That wasn’t so hard, now was it?

Practice saying it once or twice a day in public. Instead of “Happy New Year”, say, “Happy Twenty Eleven.” It will catch on and before you know it, everyone will be saying, “Twenty eleven.”

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It begins one person at a time.

Thank you.

In other news –

Funniest Local News Story In 2010 Department

Antero has an idea for ‘settlement’
Drilling company wants county to drop two formal interventions

Antero makes an offer we can’t refuse. In return they promise to follow the rules already in place. Maybe they got January 1 confused with April 1. Who knew Kevin Kilstrom had a sense of humor?

Shut Up And Sit Down Department

Garfield County gets one hour at Silt Mesa gas drilling hearing
Leaving no guarantee that all of the 35-40 who have signed up to testify in front of COGCC will get the chance

You didn’t actually think the COGCC would listen to us, did you? Here’s the real joke.

They Can’t Be Serious Department

Garfield County considers produced water disposal method
Drilling company proposes putting it back into the ground using injection well

Ever wonder what they do with all that toxic waste water? You’ll be sorry you asked.

More Questions Than Answers Department

Silt Mesa family claims gas fumes forcing them out
Parents, children suffering from rashes, nosebleeds

Is it the water? Gas well fumes? Or an hysterical mother? I live a mile downwind from one of the rigs. On cloudy days especially, the air smells acrid. My eyes are constantly irritated. I have chronic conjunctivitis. I don’t think it’s caused by Silt’s water.

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2 Comments on “Happy Twenty Eleven”

  1. Fiona Lloyd Says:

    For even more hilarity check today’s story in GPI ‘Antero pleads poverty due to BoCC regulations’ and then have a look at the financial statement for the past quarter on Antero’s website where they post a $68 million dollar profit.

    I’m dabbing away my tears as I write.

  2. Peggy Tibbetts Says:

    Here’s the link:

    Whew! Good to know we’re not in a deep recession after all. Just too many rules & regulations. Must be the same thing with Wall Street and the banking industry. They collapsed under the weight of all the rules & regulations.

    Reminds me of the movie, “Inception”. They all live in a dream world of their own making. Nobody can possibly understand it. But it sure is entertaining.

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